Whether for school or traveling, designer backpacks are practical and functional. They give freedom to carry essential stuff easily while keeping hands free to do other activities. Even with the concern of increasing load, the changes in backpack designs such as wider straps and lightweight materials ensure comfortability, durability, and the different compartments will help you keep your things organized. In this article, we have different types of backpacks that will help you store your belongings.

Designer Leather Backpacks

If you need a bag that will give you a good experience, then go for designer leather backpacks. The leather bag offers protection from harsh weather conditions to ensure your belongings are safe. People who need leather bags for daily commutes should go for those in brown or black color since they will complement all outfit colors.

Designer Black Leather Backpack

designer black leather backpack

Faux Leather Backpack

faux leather backpack


Designer Laptop Backpacks

Is your laptop expensive and does it carry valuable data? Then you need a designer laptop backpack that will protect it. Suitable for students and corporate goers; when choosing a laptop bag ensure it provides enough cushion to protect your laptop from breakage. It should also have secondary compartments to separately store other provisions.

Rolling Laptop Backpack

rolling laptop backpack

Small Laptop Backpack

small laptop backpack


Designer Drawstring Backpacks

Drawstring backpacks are popular with people of all ages and gender because they are lightweight and make it easier to access your belongings. The type of backpack you choose will determine longevity, comfort, and style. You can get this backpack for materials such as polypropylene, nylon, and polyester.

Drawstring Leather Backpack

drawstring leather backpack

Rolling Backpacks

Rolling backpacks are ideal for carrying heavy luggage. These bags just like wheeled suitcases feature wheels and a top handle which enables you to pull the bag as you walk. In cases such as climbing stairs where you can’t pull this bag, they have wide straps that will distribute the weight evenly on the back.

Kids Rolling Backpack

kids rolling backpack


Rolling Travel Backpack Design

rolling travel backpack design


Designer Sling Backpacks

Are you planning your next vacation or trip? Then you need a high-quality travel backpack design especially if you will be moving from one place to another. They are easy to carry up hills and will ensure your stuff is safe. The compartments make it fun to organize everything and reach it quickly when you need to.

Camo Sling Backpack

camo sling backpack

Travel Backpack Designs

Designer sling backpacks are perfect for people who like to carry bags on one shoulder. These types of bags usually feature one strap which can be adjusted based on the height of a person. The ability to carry a sling bag across the chest is what makes it a favorite for many men.

Small Travel Backpack

small travel backpack


Travel Backpack with Wheels

travel backpack with wheels

Designer Camera Backpacks

Designer camera backpacks are perfect for photographers who frequently move from one place to another to capture magic images. While there are different types of camera bags, you should have both a compact camera for storing a camera with its accessories and larger camera bags for keeping video equipment or a different array of camera sizes.

Small Camera Backpack Design

small camera backpack design

Designer Camera Hiking Backpack

designer camera hiking backpack

Camera Sling Backpack

camera sling backpack

Military Backpacks

If you are going hunting or camping with your buddies, then you need a cool military backpack. This type of bag is specifically designed to cater for survival needs so expect high quality, durability, resistant to different weather conditions and an additional adjustable hip belt. Military backpacks also have multiple compartments and camouflage material.

Black Military Backpack

black military backpack

Vintage Military Backpack

vintage military backpack

Military Sling Backpack Design

military sling backpack design

Small Backpack Designs

Small backpack designs are for people who are travelling light and tend to carry a few essential items. They may not have a compartment, so you put all your stuff in one place making it easier to zip and unzip these types of bags. Small backpacks are suitable for daily routine.

Small Camo Backpack Design

small camo backpack design

Small Drawstring Backpack

small drawstring backpack


Mesh Backpack Designs

Backpacks are important to athletes especially those going for competitions out of town and mesh bag pack designs are for professional divers, swimmers, and water polo players. These bags provide easy storage and transportation of equipment such as goggles, kickboards, towels and swimming gear. They are designed to keep swimming gear dry and neat.

Pink Mesh Backpack Design

pink mesh backpack design

Mesh Sling Backpack

mesh sling backpack1

Rugged Backpacks

If you are looking for a bag that will give you lots of compliments, then go for rugged bag designs. Since you can carry a laptop or books with a rugged backpack, it is crucial that you go for material and size that will cater to your needs.

Rugged Laptop Backpack

rugged laptop backpack1

Rugged Leather Backpack

rugged leather backpack


Tribal Backpack Designs

The demand for tribal backpack designs has increased because these bags are unique, stylish and comfortable. They are suitable for everyday chores and can act as a starter of conversation in school or work. These bags feature unique style and features that are functional.

Tribal Drawstring Backpack

tribal drawstring backpack


Tribal Aztec Backpack

tribal aztec backpack


Floral Backpack Designs

Floral backpack designs are cute, feminine and timeless. Whether in large or subtle floral prints, these bag designs will make you get noticed wherever you go. If you need the bag to stand out, then pair with a simple outfit or match it with a floral outfit in a contrasting pattern.

Floral Tribal Backpack

floral tribal backpack

Vintage Floral Backpack Design

vintage floral backpack design

Black Floral Backpack

black floral backpack


Vintage Backpack Designs

Whether for a simple task such as carrying books or carrying equipment, vintage backpack designs are practical, trendy and look good on either men or women. Go for those in a streamlined design and lightweight materials as well as at a height that will not slow down your daily activities.

Vintage Leather Backpack

vintage leather backpack


Vintage Hiking Backpack

vintage hiking backpack

Sports Backpacks

Sport backpack designs are made with additional accessory space for storing cell phones, water bottles, small wallets and digital cameras. Having different compartment sizes is useful for organizing your belongings in a tidy way so that you avoid stuffing various objects in one pocket. Go for a sporty bag that matches your personality.

Kids Sports Backpack

kids sports backpack

One Strap Backpack Designs

One strap backpack designs which are popularly known as messenger bags usually feature one strong strap which keeps the bag in place. It also has adjustable straps which you can lengthen or shorten depending on the weight you are carrying and body height. It is suitable for people who ride motorcycles and bikes.

One Strap Laptop Backpack

one strap laptop backpack

One Strap Hiking Backpack

one strap hiking backpack

Survival Backpack Designs

Survival backpack designs are meant to help you prepare for disasters. They feature ample space which will fit emergency items that will ensure you survival for as long as possible. Survival backpacks are made using unique materials which prevent the heavyweight from putting pressure on your shoulders and spine.

Leather Survival Backpack

leather survival backpack

Monogrammed Backpacks

With so many people in the streets carrying back bags, you need to have a bag that will not only help blend in with the crowd but also make you look unique, and that’s where monogrammed backpacks come in. You can embellish a bag with your initials to give it a personal touch.

Hipster Backpack Designs

Hipster backpack designs are easy to carry around and have compartments to organize personal items. The back panel is padded to ensure the bag feels comfortable on your back.

Leather Hipster Backpack Design

leather hipster backpack design


Funny Backpack Designs

Funny backpack designs feature comical words, images or hilarious embellishments. They are perfect for kids and people with a fun personality. The funny add-ons will make you look cool and unique. You can use this back design to carry a phone, tablet, keys and still choose a color that depicts your style.

Designer backpacks are simple, functional and they can make your daily activities easier and more comfortable. These bags are popular with people of all ages and are unisex. When choosing a backpack always consider the size, material, brand and color that will complement most of your outfits. If you are traveling, going camping or hiking then, you should choose a backpack in a size that will fit all your stuff and material that is durable.

There is a high demand for backpacks. Knowing the purpose of your backpack will help you choose a quality material, the right size and in a style that will make you stand out. To keep your mind at ease go for backpacks with multiple compartments and lockable zippers to protect your belongings from thieves.

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