The animal print made a return in the collection of a number of designer brands in the fall of 2010 and is still living its time in the fashion Industry. The animal print is a favorite every fashionista who don’t shy away from making bold fashion statements. Even after six years, a number of brands sell animal print designer handbags. Check out these sexy animal print handbag designs.

Animal Print Leather Handbag

animal print leather handbag

The snakeskin design is an embodiment of bold, sexy and exotic. While the real snakeskin bags are on the higher end, you can also opt for the faux leather bags and make a statement like no other.

Black and White Animal Print Handbag

black and white animal print handbag

One of the most popular and loved designs is the leopard print which comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Be it work or a party, a leopard print bag instantly takes your look to the next level. If you’re a serious fashionista and take your accessories seriously, go for a black and white leopard handbag from a renowned brand.

Zebra Animal Print Handbag

The zebra print was loved and accepted by the fashion industry as hugely as it is still now. Be it a black and white zebra print or one with colors, this comes with a number of options on offer. Pair it with a formal trouser and shirt look and see how you make heads turn.

Animal Print Cross Body Handbag

animal print cross body handbag

Haven’t we all dreamt about that perfect Michael Kors handbag to add to our wardrobe? This animal print crossbody handbag is a must have for every fashionista. Not only is it absolutely trendy, it will continue to make you look good, no matter what you wear.

Red Animal Print Handbag

red animal print handbag

Don’t be deceived if this looks like any other red tote handbag to you. It is in fact, like no other. A red handbag made of authentic crocodile leather and print is a true mark of sophistication. Give the ordinary handbags a twist with this edgy red tote handbag.

Animal Print Tote Handbag

animal print tote handbag

A tote bag simply gives your handbag look a bit more fuss-free character. It is not only extremely in fashion but also big on utility. An animal print handbag gives all your cute handbags a run for their money as it is not only a breakthrough design but also is in perfect tune with the youth’s choices.

Designer Animal Print Handbag

designer animal print handbag

Designers have brought a very welcome change in respect to handbags. Animal prints are new, high on imagination and extremely sexy. This designer giraffe print handbag is one of it’s kind and made for all those women who like to stand out in the crowd.

Animal Print Clutch Handbag

animal print clutch handbag

Leopard print keeps coming back whenever there is a mention of animal print handbags. A clutch handbag serves multi-utilities as it works both as a clutch and as a handbag. Change to whichever you like according to your outfit and mood with the help of a single suspender chain.

Animal Print Satchel Bag

animal print satchel bag

With the advent of animal print handbags, it is time to bid goodbye to those over-the-top silver handbags and metallic handbags that are so overly jazzy and blingy. The animal print is just the right amount of jazzy and yet works as an amazing attention-catcher.

Trendy Animal Print Handbag

trendy animal print handbag

As said even before, animal print handbags are all about embodying your bold and sexy side. It can be taken from college to party, or even to work. The versatility of this print also allows it to be used with a host of different outfits.

Leopard Animal Print Bag Design

leopard animal print bag design

Animal Print Shoulder Bag

animal print shoulder bag

Animal Print Bow Handbag

animal print bow handbag

Simple Animal Print Handbag

simple animal print handbag

Unique Animal Print Handbag

unique animal print handbag

Stylish Animal Print Cross Body Bag

stylish animal print cross body bag

Cool Animal Print Handbag

cool animal print handbag

Red and White Animal Print Bag

red and white animal print bag

Blue Animal Print Handbag

blue animal print handbag

Today’s youth does not shy away from experimenting with their fashion sense and constantly welcome new and quirky designs. No wonder the animal print handbags are such a big hit even after so many years. Here’s to breaking fashion rules!

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