Backpacks are easy to carry and to dump a lot of things in them while travelling. A backpack can bear the weight equally and you can even jump, skip and hop with it. There are many backpack designs that we came across but one thing that hasn’t changed is the Polka Dot backpack design.

We have seen polka dot dresses, shirts, shoes and here are bags that are equally awesome. Let’s take a look at some of the different polka dot designs.

Black and White Polka Dot Backpack

black and white polka dot backpack

Black and white is the traditional polka dot design that we see in the movies of the 80’s. What we love the most about this design is how we thought of all the famous black and white movies instantly. This design is simple but very nice to look at.

Polka Dot Canvas Backpack

polka dot canvas backpack

Multi-colored polka dots look very cute and adorable. All the colors used on this bag are very subtle and plain and there is no extravagant quotient to it, and that’s what makes it so beautiful to look at. The interesting part about this design is that it has leather straps. Quite fancy right?

Polka Dot Rolling Backpack

polka dot rolling backpack1

This has been a fascinating design and now it is back in fashion. The rolling backpack makes it convenient to carry or drag when needed. The polka dots are simple black and white huge dots but a pleasant design.

Drawstring Polka Dot Backpack

drawstring polka dot backpack1

A floral handbag would look something very similar to this if you look from afar. The different colored polka dots are a very pleasant sight to look at. The bag is sleek and well designed.

Floral Polka Dot Backpack

floral polka dot backpack

It is perfect for any little girl to carry her schoolbooks. It’s Perfect in size, color and design.

Leather Polka Dot Backpack

leather polka dot backpack

Ladies, glamour has just been redefined with this stylish, shinny leather polka dot backpack. The glitter is stealing all the attention but the polka dots are throwing in the extra effect needed to make it look glamorous.

Polka Dot Mesh Backpack

polka dot mesh backpack1

This is a perfect travel bag that you could carry anywhere and everywhere and dump as much luggage as you can. The red and black combination is perfect with a great blend.

Quilted Polka Dot Backpack

quilted polka dot backpack

This cute little bag has the perfect combination of pink and green. They way the bow is designed, it is very adorable and perfect for your little girl’s picnic party.

Polka Dots Cycling Backpack

polka dots cycling backpack

Brahmin Polka Dot Backpack

brahmin polka dot backpack

Multi Color Polka Dot Backpack

multi color polka dot backpack

Jansport Polka Dot Backpack

jansport polka dot backpack1

Polka Dot Backpack Design

polka dot backpack design1

There are bags for adults and children, each of them designed with creativity and plenty of mixture of light and bright colors. Backpacks were quite convenient during school times to carry books, now they are convenient while travelling too. Each bag is different and well designed, be it for school, travel or picnic.

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