With the right handbag, a woman can carry all her belongings and still look fashionable. Ask any woman and they will tell you that a quality designer handbag is a must have investment that represents unique style and social status. As a woman we can never have enough handbags so read on to find out which beautiful drawstring handbag best suits your lifestyle.

Black Drawstring Handbag

black drawstring handbag

Apart from complementing an outfit, a unique designer handbag portrays class and the economic status of a woman. With this Calvin Klein black drawstring handbag, you can describe your style, look beautiful and be a brand loyalty customer.

Drawstring Bucket Handbag

drawstring bucket handbag

Suitable for everyday wear, this drawstring bucket handbag is chic. It’s available in different colors such as pink, beige and black depending on your color preference. Its large capacity means you can carry all your personal items at once.

Drawstring Tote Handbag

drawstring tote handbag

A designer handbag in a gold color is what you need to make a bold fashion statement. With this Michael Kors drawstring tote handbag you will definitely stand out either in school or in a work environment.

Small Drawstring Handbag

small drawstring handbag

If Michael Kors is your favorite designer, then you need to show your loyalty by wearing this small yet elegant drawstring handbag. Suitable for girls or ladies with a petite body frame, gift this quality handbag to your daughter.

Fossil Drawstring Handbag

fossil drawstring handbag

This fossil drawstring handbag flaunts an outside leather material and a textile inner lining. Ladies with Pear body shapes can use this beautiful bag to balance their curves. The one side zipper pocket makes it easier to reach for your items.

Vintage Drawstring Handbag

vintage drawstring handbag

A cute floral handbag is just what every woman needs to depict their femininity. Embrace the strong woman in you by opting for this darling crocheted vintage drawstring handbag. The brown color will complement both formal and casual outfits.

Striped Drawstring Handbag Design

striped drawstring handbag design

If you’re looking for a unique two-tone handbag, then this drawstring handbag will look good on you. It has unique features such as the adjustable slide strap which makes it easier for you get your preferred bag length.

Drawstring Hobo Handbag

drawstring hobo handbag

Lovers of pink color can go for this multipurpose drawstring handbag with two handles and one adjustable shoulder strap. The large capacity of this bag will make it easier for you to carry your iPad, makeup, and accessories such as sunglasses.

Large Drawstring Handbag

large drawstring handbag

Crocheted Beaded Drawstring Handbag

crocheted beaded drawstring handbag

Did you know that a handbag can help flatter a woman body shape? Small handbag size can make a petite woman look more small framed while a large one can overwhelm her. Plus size women should choose a larger one that balances their curves while tall women should avoid carrying handbags with short straps.

Leather Bucket Drawstring Handbag

leather bucket drawstring handbag

Drawstring Bucket Cross Body Handbag

drawstring bucket cross body handbag

Green Leather Drawstring Handbag

green leather drawstring handbag

When purchasing a handbag it’s important to consider the material, cost, cleaning instructions, functionality, color and most importantly your body shape. If you’re going for a designer handbag, then consider your budget and how often you’ll use the bag.

Blue Drawstring Bucket Handbag

blue drawstring bucket handbag

A handbag is an accessory that every woman carries everywhere she goes. They are a symbol of style and a fashion statement. If you need to impress other ladies, then go for a plaid handbag. Drawstring handbags are available in a variety of color, style, and size, so choose the one that best compliment your outfit.

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