It’s impossible to walk around town and not see even one person carrying a backpack. You can easily move around when carrying a backpack and have compartments to organize your stuff in an orderly manner. While you have the freedom to choose the size and material of the hipster bag that you want, a floral backpack is suitable for women. So, if you don’t have a good bag, then get yourself one of this awesome hipster backpack.

Leather Hipster Backpack

When you buy quality leather bags, you know it’s going to last and this hipster backpack is no different. Made from natural cow wax leather, it has one big compartment and other additional side pockets to fit all your stuff.

Black Hipster Backpack


This black hipster backpack is for going back to school in style. The color will complement your school outfits while the size will even fit your phone, books, and iPad. It’s a unisex model with brown leather adjustable straps. You may also See Tribal Backpack Designs

Hipster Drawstring Backpack

Each and every person has to do their part in keeping the environment clean and by owning this hipster drawstring backpack made using eco-friendly materials you too will have set the standards for the type of fabric you prefer.

Canvas Hipster Backpack


While black is a popular color, it’s also a favorite choice for most men and women. This black and white canvas hipster backpack is simple yet fancy. You can carry your phone, lip-gloss and a book without getting exhausted.

Hipster Laptop Backpack

This hipster backpack is perfect for vegans who want to carry their laptops in style. It has adjustable straps and a pocket specifically for your smartphone and you can take it out without having to remove the whole backpack.

Aztec Hipster Backpack

People who love Aztec patterns will love this hipster backpack. Made from 100% cotton material and leather, you can carry this bag when traveling or going to school. It has an interior zippered pocket for putting a diary or keys. You may also See Polka Dot Backpack Designs

Hipster Floral Backpack

Floral patterns portray good mood and will remain trendy over the seasons. This hipster floral backpack features cream, pink and blue Hawaiian flowers on a vibrant green background. It’s made using a recycled vintage tablecloth and has a wooden button.

Retro Hipster Backpack


Do you want to carry a bag effortlessly and still look stylish? Sometimes our hands get tired of carrying handbags. So put your daily essential things in this cute retro hipster backpack which will enhance your casual look.

Hipster Travel Backpack

There are so many bags you can choose from and by opting for a rugged backpack you will look stylish. Additionally, with a chalk stone and brown hipster backpack, you will feel comfortable carrying it around, you’ll look elegant.

Small Hipster Backpack Design


You can use a large bag when you are traveling for a longer period but you need a small hipster backpack for those days when it is convenient to carry a few things. It has a unique pattern.

Handmade Hipster Backpack

Modern Hipster Backpack


Hemp Hipster Backpack

Large Hipster Backpack


Hipster Stripe Backpack

Waterproof Hipster Backpack

When buying a hipster bag, it is important to consider your torso length, functionality and unique features such as the number of compartments you want. If you intend to carry a lot of stuff, then go for a large backpack because small bags are for carrying a few essential things such as a phone.
While color, size, and material are some of the features to consider when buying a bag, the torso length is the most important. To eliminate the need for measuring your chest, always go for backpacks with adjustable shoulder straps.
We have seen a lot of beautiful unisex bags for everyday use. Sometimes it’s important to give your favorite flat backpack rest and with one of this hipster backpack, you can comfortably carry your belongings and still look fashionable. Each bag is unique, so you can choose the one that fits your lifestyle.

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