Now you can give some incredible effects to your project be it a presentation or a task where you need to put some creativity with sponge brushes. Thanks to the new version of Photoshop, there are some exciting sponge brushes icons which can be used in your next design. These brushes are etxrmely easy to use and give appealing effect to any concept where you add it up. They can be downloaded for free and can be customized easily to a certain extent. Simply add up an internal link anchor text to enhance its overall effect.

Sponge Smears Brush

It is one perfect way to enhance the texture of your image. It comes with incredible high resolution and has 29 Photoshop brushes that comes up to 5,000 pixels in size. Such type of brushes is the best way to add depth to your image.

Sponge Photoshop brushes

This is another set of brushes that you can add in your project. It is quite creative and looks colorful as well. It gives an effect of sponge dipped in the red paint. You can also take a print of it without losing up its quality. It is best to create the background with abstract theme.

Sponge Art Brushes

This set of natural brushes looks realistic in nature and is quite versatile as well. It is best for the illustration or to enhance the look of your project texture. It comes with 200 brush marks and has the set of 56 different patterns of brushes.

Grunge Sponge Brushes

This set of Photoshop sponge brushes comes in 2 parts. You can use it for any commercial or personal project. It is available for free and does not take time to download as well. It comes with a good quality vector illustration.

High Resolution Acylic Sponge Brush

This set of brush was created with acrylic paint and comes in variety of sponges collection. It also has a bunch of strokes, dibs, and dabs that you might want to take a look at. The brush pattern ranges from1100px to 2400px in size and is free to use.

Sponge Party Brushes

This set of brush is designed in Photoshop and comes with high resolution. It is a painted and grunge sponge brush whose size may vary between 400-2500 pixels each.

Photoshop Sponge Brushes Pack

This first set of brush is compatible with the recent version of Photoshop. It comes with great combination of dark and black color and you can use it for background of your project or to enhance the depth of your assignment.

Sponge Texture Photoshop Brushes

This is another interesting set of brushes which you can use to make your assignment look creative. It is a grungy pattern which you can use for metal rust as well. Some people also use it for painting their wall as a part of something out of the box.

Colorful Sponge Vector Brushes

This set of sponge brushes contains 10 brushes with 1500 pixels in size. It is compatible with Photoshop 7 and is available in .abr and .eps file as well. You can use it on Gimp as well. With a good graphic editor you can use each brush of it and convert it in .png format.

Sponge Effect Alphabet

This set of brush is extremely easy to use and can be loaded for free. It was made in Adobe Photoshop CS5 version but has not yet been tested with other version of it or program.

Rough Sponge Photoshop Brushes

High Resolution Sponge Brushes

Such type of sponge brushes along with internal link anchor text makes it superb for you to give a sponge painted effect. You can also use it for other purpose like painting a wall or designing a brochure. It gives a professional touch and you can customize the color as per your project requirement.

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