Fashion growing and evolving at a hyperfast speed witnesses trends fading even faster. We have new designs and looks updated nearly every day. Some retailers like Boohoo releases 300 new products each day. Fashion in the era of a need for speed has several styles coming up every season.

Though, very tempting but it can also be pricey to shell out money for every new design and trend, therefore, we have come up with a list of 10 popular trends that you can invest in. Listed below are the 10 designs that according to us are surely not going anywhere in the foreseeable future.

1. Biker Pants

biker pants

Extremely fashionable and classy, the biker pant is one solid lower trend that is going to stick for long. With the stripe texture detail, the pant is rough and tough in its appeal. You can opt for a biker pant to give your regular jeans a fashionable upgrade.

2. Ripped Jeans


Seen all around in near about every brand, the ripped jeans trend is here to stay. From heavy to lightly ripped, the jeans are available in a number of colours and textures. A must-have in everyone’s wardrobe, we would suggest you invest in a good quality comfortable and simultaneously glamorous piece.

3. Romper


Rompers are flirty and fun pieces to have in your closet. From full legged to strappy to off shoulder, there are numerous styles, patterns and prints available. With the multitude of choices, you can even decide on the fit you are more comfortable to wear.

4. Shirt Dress


Shirt dresses are currently seen everywhere, right from runways to street fashion. Largely multifunctional, the shirt dresses can be paired with a jegging or worn individually with a stylish and chic belt. Available in denim, cotton, chiffon and many more materials, the shirt dresses are worth the purchase. If you think shirt dress is a trendy piece just for the summer season, well, let us tell you, you can easily pair the shirt dress with denim jackets or blazers for the colder months.

5. Kimono Dress


The sexy, airy and comfortable pieces to wear this season would definitely be kimono dresses. Available in printed and solid shades the dress is certainly a trendy attire that will be loved equally in the coming seasons.

6. Coatigan


The hybrid name for coat+cardigan, coati gans are slouchy and a softer version of the more structured coat. A perfect wear for the transitioning months, it is lightweight and one of the most stylish pieces to keep you warm in the not so freezing places.

7. Boho Dress


Boho dresses have been in and out of trend in the past years, but the flowy and edgy dresses are definitely a must have to add to your collection of dresses.

8. Off the Shoulder Top

off shoulder

It won’t be exaggerating if we say the off the shoulder trend is being loved by everyone and by everyone we mean everyone. From off the shoulder crop tops, to shirts to dresses, the off the shoulder craze has taken all the fashionable pieces under its umbrella.  

9. Body Suit


Bodysuit, the one piece fitted garment covering the torso and the crotch is growing in the fashion popularity. Available in a number of materials it comes with sleeves, strappy shoulder designs and also collar styles.

10. Bralette


Bralette a brassiere without wires or moulded cups, is the comfortable fashion brassiere that is positively here to stay. Morphing and making the look of regular sports bra stylish, the bralettes are available in thin or lacy straps just like a regular bra and provide ample support while looking glamorous. You would not have to worry about straps and shape peeping through with a chic bralette.

Invest in the above-mentioned trends and be prepared for being in fashion throughout the year.

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