We recently caught a glimpse of Google Doodle design that was dedicated to László Bíró, the inventor of the ballpoint pen, marking his 117th birth anniversary. So, we decided to do a little research and came up with some wonderful examples of ballpoint pen art. These pens were invented in the mid 20th century and ever since have been an affordable medium of art. From writing to sketching to doodling, artists have experimented with ballpoint pens and have come up with some great results. So lets have a look at these stunning art works and get inspired.

1. American Black Bear by Sarah Esteje

american black bear by sarah esteje


Sarah Esteje has been a graphic design student and a professional illustrator. She is most popular for her animal series of ballpoint pen art that she creates using blue color. Apart from ballpoint she also used watercolor and colored pens.

2. Daniel Craig by Toni Efer

daniel craig by toni efer


This is a Biro ballpoint pen art by Polish visual artist, Toni Efer. The portrait looks intense and has been created using crisscross technique in most of the section. Toni Efer is an illustrator and motion artiste based in Warsaw and has graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

3. Lira Fineliner Pen Drawing by Tumi Sibambo

jay z by jacob everett


Tumi Sibambo uses various mediums to create art. Here is Sibambo’s portrait of African singer Lira made using ballpoint pen. With minute strokes, the artist has managed to capture fine details which shows immense precision. The artiste can turn any portrait photograph into beautiful art using a ballpoint pen.

4. Jay-Z by Jacob Everett

jay z by jacob everett1


This detail work of art has been created by Jacob Everett. The artiste likes to play with dots and create a detailed portrait from these dots. This technique is also called pointillism. This portrait of Jay- Z has been created with the help of ball point pen but artiste uses various other mediums too.

5. City Gates by Pete Ross

city gates by pete ross1


Unlike the other art works this ballpoint art is not monochromatic. It has an interesting mix of hues and tints. In most of his ballpoint pen artwork, the artist has used gray scale with a hint of blue and pink thrown in. The artist, Pete Ross is based in Hong Kong and has exhibited his artwork in various exhibitions in Hong Kong.

6. Hepburn Gag by James Mylan

hepburn gag by james mylan


This is a realistic ballpoint pen artwork by James Mylan that raised a few controversy but was also loved by many. The artist used black and red ball point pen to create it. No doubt it looks splendid and absolutely breathtaking. The art has been exhibited in galleries and has also been part of designer label Tailored Anarchy’s collection.

These artwork are a clear evidence of the variety that a simple ballpoint pen can bring to your artistic imagination. Ballpoint can capture great details and can help you come up with a great artwork with lots of precision and practise of course!

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