In general, when it comes to drawings, we draw an invisible line that separates an illustration or artwork from the photographs and pictures. But, like there is an exception in everything, the exception in this scenario can be explained as craftsmanship. Mesmerized by the beauty of the hand-drawn pencil illustrations, we have today compiled a list of 9 truly exceptional pencil arts that are worth stumbling upon.

Diego Fazio – Sensazioni

diego fazio – sensazioni

We understand it is hard to believe, but this beautiful piece of pencil drawing was created by artist Diego Fazio. This intricate piece has been created by the artist over a period of roughly 200 hours. And, no one can deny the fact that the result is simply amazing.

Giacomo Burattini – Clint Eastwood

giacomo burattini clint eastwood

Drawn by Italian artist Giacomo Burattini, the hyperrealism in the artwork reflects the beauty in imperfection which can often be missed in real life with the naked eye. Detailed and intricate, the artwork puts everything out in open for the viewer to appreciate the true natural beauty.

Rajacenna – You are Not Alone

rajacenna you are not alone

Rajacenna, a 21-year-old artist from The Netherlands will sweep you off your feet with the finesse in her work. Without any formal training or art lessons, she started doing realistic illustrations three years ago and with the natural talent, the artist has got her work published in Amazing pencil portraits 2.

Mihályi Anita – Morning Rose

mihályi anita morning rose

The beautiful and stunning ‘Morning Rose’ is drawn by traditional Hungarian artist, Mihályi Anita. Anita takes inspiration from literally everything she sees, her portfolio includes realistic illustrations of plants, animals, humans- including beautiful portraits of Michael Fassbender and Johnny Depp.

Josi Fabri – Eternal Sunshine

eternal sunshine

This is not a filtered still from the film Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind but an amazing illustration drawn by Brazilian artist Josi Fabri. The 28-year-old artist draws inspiration from her favourite movies and musicians.

Armin Mersmann – Steve Packhurst

armin mersmann steve packhurst

German artist Armin Mersmann is the man behind the hyper-real portrait. Although, the artist also works with oils, but he is widely renowned for his intense natural graphite drawings. His work has been featured in 150 exhibitions and has won him over 30 awards.

Martijn Versteeg – Audrey Hepburn

martijn versteeg audrey hepburn

The 23-year-old Martijn Versteeg from The Netherlands has a personal obsession with actress Audrey Hepburn. The illustration of the Breakfast at Tiffany’s star took the artist 1993 minutes, the very year Hepburn died.

Franco Clun – Ray Bradbury

franco clun – ray bradbury

The sci-fi legend Ray Bradbury’s portrait is drawn by Franco Clun, a self-taught artist from Italy. The artist has learnt the craft by reading manuals and committing to endless hours of practice.

Keith Moore- Big Ben

keith moore big ben

Refined and detailed, this Big Ben graphite pencil art is the creation of Keith Moore, an artist who draws the most beautiful small scale realistic art without a single element of compromise. Moore creates his pieces by taking reference from the high digital photographs.

Take inspiration from these creative illustrations and draw your very first realistic pencil artwork.

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