The visually creative world of graphic design is no more just limited to men, women have made an equally sturdy space for themselves in the design arena. If you are still somehow unaware of the women who with their talent and gifted skill set have created the most impeccable and awe worthy designs, we have today compiled a list of 10 such female graphic designers worthy of your time and interest.

1. Jing Zhang

jing zhang1

Her portfolio is filled with a number of playful designs and illustration that express and convert the complicated ideas into digital images. The illustrations infused with intricate detail, infographics, and miniatures worlds are both complex and simple at the same time.

2. Indrè Klimaitè

indrè klimaitè

Lithuanian-born artist Klimaitè practices her craft in Netherlands. Her style reflects a bold graphic quality that puts one visual idea in a strong, convincing, unpredictable and interesting way in front of the viewers.

3. Jessica Hische

jessica hische

One of the top ranking female graphic designers, Hische is a  letterer, illustrator, and type designer who works for Wes Anderson and Penguin Books, amongst many other clients.

4. Chiara Aliotta

chiara aliotta

Heading the design studio Until Sunday, Aliotta works as a brand manager for Joomla. Her work is a pure reflection of her love for typography and good design.

5. Kelli Anderson

kelli anderson

Anderson loves to experiment with her work by coming up with new ways of making images and user experiences. For ensuring an authentic and persuasive design, she still draws, photographs, cuts, prints, codes, and even works with her 1919 letterpress and other gadgets and machines.

6. Raewyn Brandon

raewyn brandon

With more than 42000 followers on Behance, Raewyn Brandon has mastered the art of graphics and layout, ever so perfectly that she provided creative direction and design in collaboration with Matias Corea for Super-Modified: The B?hance Book of Creative Work.

7. Verena Michelitsch

verena michelitsch

Her work holds a strong emphasis on line drawing and patterns balanced with plenty amount of whitespace, and we are certain you can make out the same from the very look at her website.

8. Tracy Ma

tracy ma

Deputy Creative Director of Bloomberg Businessweek, Track Ma has been the sole force behind the stunning graphics that accompany the hard hitting stories. Her work has been recognized and appreciated by the Type Directors Club, Print magazine, and the Society of Print Designers among many others.

9. Monika Lang

monika lang

Illustrator and graphic designer Monika Lang specializes in culture inspired festivals and exhibitions. Emphasizing and enhancing the beauty of color, Lang experiments with hues and textures that reflect vibrancy without being too loud and overbearing.

10. Becca Clason

becca clason

becca clasons

Becca Clason is one designer, lettering artist and stop-motion animator who uses foods, products, and other items to bring life to typography. Her Instagram account without a doubt is an absolute treat.

Take inspiration from the above-mentioned designers and create your next project with the much-needed creative caliber.

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