GQ had one of the most stylish showdowns for 2016 and the battle for the best included a range of streetwear masters, suited men, leaders and world champions. Crowning the best and deserving, the most stylish men of 2016 had us gripped to our seats and we know, you would agree to the same looking at our list of top 9 hottest men around the world right ‘now’.

9- Lucky Blue

Who would not want his genes and also his jeans, leathers, and tees? Along with the notorious boy wonder style, Lucky Blue Smith has become famous on Instagram for his simple rock and roll style with platinum hair, hoodies, and Levi’s jackets. He definitely deserves a good looking spot on our list.

lucky blue1

8- Eddie Redmayne

Dressing casually in comfort and style, Eddie Redmayne has not just proved to be an incredibly talented actor but also a super stylish individual. Taking the casual dressing a step higher, the actor looks his fabulous best even when he is just running to get the paper.

eddie redmayne2

7- Idris Elba

If we have a to put a face on the platonic alpha movie star, it would definitely be Idris Elba. Looking dashing in a simple black tie and black Giorgio Armani suit, the actor reflects masculinity with his suited presence that would certainly give James Bond a competition.

idris elba1

6- David Beckham

With style literally running in the family tree, David Beckham is definitely one to look out for the top-notch menswear designs and patterns that set him as a legend in the complete style business.

david beckham1

5- Tom Hiddleston and Tom Hardy

Britain’s two most famous Toms had to be placed together. Knowing exactly what to wear, Hiddleston has never been seen in a suit that sets him off the place. Seen in the sharpest cut lapels, Hiddleston knows his style game well. Hardy, whereas is a wild card player on the fashion front, with a dapper and an indifferent style statement. Nevertheless, he pulls off a unique and special style in every formal and informal appearance.

tom hiddleston and tom hardy

5 tom hiddleston and tom hardy

4. Jeff Goldblum

Carrying and reflecting the fashion roots in retro, Goldblum looks modern and sophisticated in Saint Laurent suits, leather jackets, two-toned loafers, and skinny trousers.

jeff goldblum

3- Justin Trudeau

Canada’s new Prime Minister is one political personality who can be called as a leader with style. His ability to have fun with the wardrobe makes him one personality who can mix and match well with his leading and dressing.

justin trudeau

2- Kit Harington

With the ‘epic’ head of hair, Harrington always has one accessory that can never go wrong. Making most of every outfit, Harrington’s style doesn’t scream for attention but puts it out subtly with poise.

kit harington

1- Roger Federer

Finally to the athletic and sporty figure who won the most stylish title for 2016 is none other than Roger Federer. Complete with athleisure gear, the man swooped this year’s title with his well-tailored suit and his classic evergreen style.

roger federer

Comment and let us know your favorite from the lot and feel free to add on to the stylish list.

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