Manbun has quickly become one of the favourite hairstyles this season. Made hugely popular by Jared Leto, the hairstyle can be carried with curly, wavy and straight hair. If you are growing your hair out or are already blessed with lustrous long strands, these 10 man buns are perfect to style your hair effortlessly with ease.

1. Messy Bun

messy bun

Messy man bun is a perfect style if you have naturally curly or wavy hair. With a lot of texture and tamed finish, the look comes out casual and perfect for everyday wear.

2. Low Bun

low bun

If a tight high bun is not your style, then try a loose low bun with a couple of strands falling naturally on the face. The bun is easy on the head and can be paired and styled brilliantly with a Panama hat.

3. Sleek Bun

sleek bun

A sleek low bun is perfect to pull off if you have naturally straight hair. Hand-combed and tied low on the back with a hair tie, makes the style carry the texture as well as look sophisticated. The style can be paired well with both a suit and a t-shirt.

4. Top Knot

top knot

As much as it rocks on us ladies, it looks equally stylish on men. If you have hair that goes past your shoulder then tying them in a topknot is an easy and smart option. The hair all pulled together in a high top bun gives a lot of volume and also keeps the hair off the neck.

5. Undercut Bun

undercut bun

Not all man buns require a full head of hair, you can sport a bun with a stylish and trendy cut. Keep the top long and shave off the remaining to give a stylish look to your regular undercut. The cut poses all the advantage of styling while maintaining a light and easy cut.

6. Ombre Bun

ombre bun

Bring a pop of colour to the bun by colouring the edge and front strands in a complementing colour. The coloured edges will transform the regular look of the bun into something more fun and full of personality.

7. Dreadlock Bun

dreadlock bun

Dreadlocks by their very nature are visually as well as physically heavy on the head. If you are finding it difficult to tame the unruly locks in an appealing style, tying them into a man bun is one effective and stylish solution. Easy to style and carry, the dreadlock bun holds the natural uneven texture and effortless ease.

8. Manbun + Beard

manbun beard

If there is one style that can complement the look of a full-grown beard, it is definitely a man bun. The look comes out stylish with its carefree and natural appearance.

9. Half Up Half Down Manbun

half up half down manbun

If you have just started to grow your hair out and are looking for a way you can sport a man bun, this half up, half down man bun can be one way to style the look. Along with taking back the hair from your forehead, the style will also help to boost your hair growth.

10. Fringed Top Manbun

fringed top manbun

Even if you have a heavy fringed top, you can still sport a low folded bun with front fringes flying loose.

With more and more dudes, men and guys sporting long strands in buns, pick your favourite style and pull off a runway worthy look of the season.

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