The recent years have brought with them a generation of the hottest hairstyle trends for men. Some of the most popular ones are undercut hairstyle and men’s top knot hairstyle. Amazingly, these hairstyles would make any men look ten times classier.

Men’s top knot hairstyle is basically, as the name shows, a bun-like knot at the top of the head. Of course, longer hair makes the best knots. Here is a list of some men’s top knot hairstyle designs to show you what’s trending.

How adorable! This kid and his mother are very lucky to have this handsome guy who stays in fashion and takes care of his mini version. He doesn’t have long hair at the sides, just the middle, which he has gathered into a small knot, like you can, too, if you have longer hair on top.

Now isn’t that what we call ‘innovation’ when it comes to fashion? It may not be best for men short hairstyle, but it sure is cute. Just get someone to braid your hair on the center of your head and tie the ends into a small ponytail.

Top Knot Bun for Long Hair

top knot bun for long hair


This is a runway-worthy men bun hairstyle that looks super neat, sleek, and sexy. The beard makes it look even better as it adds to the manliness of the appearance. To get this hairstyle, wet your hair and comb them into a perfect little knot on your head and secure them with a little hairspray.
This looks like a very manly messy bun that gives a rugged image. The specialty of this haircut and its difference from the other men’s top knot hairstyle designs is its undercut hairstyle. The combination of men’s top knot hairstyle and the undercut hairstyle both form a very flattering hairstyle design.

Shaved Sides Top Knot Bun

shaved sides top knot bun


This is the same as the usual men’s top knot hairstyle, except the sides which are shaved. This looks like a football or athlete’s hairstyle to me, but anyone can wear it well. Things you may need: long hair at the center of your head, shaved hair on both sides of your head, a hairband to tie your locks up!

Blonde Top Knot Haircut

chris hemsworth man bun

This guy had really long hair and tied them up with two hairbands and bobby pins. This top knot is the classic top knot hairstyle with no variation.

This hot hairstyle is done with no combs, just hands! It doesn’t even need really long hair. This men short hairstyle can be made with just using your fingers to comb back your hair, gather them together, and tie them in a loose ponytail – maybe even tug a loop of hair here and there.

This is a men’s top knot hairstyle design that also featured undercut hairstyle like in a previous hairstyle in this list, except that the guy’s hair are curly.

High Top Knot Hairstyle Idea

high top knot hairstyle idea


This top knot hairstyle is an addition to this man’s massively attractive appearance.

Modern Top Knot Hair

modern top knot hair


This hairstyle resembles the women’s top bun but it is a different accessorizing hairstyle on men, anyway, and the most common one, too.

Top Knot Hair with Beard

top knot hair with beard


Side Shaved Top Knot Hair

side shaved top knot hair


All these men’s top knot hairstyles are very manly and attractive. Whether you want a cute little knot, or a sexy beastly hairstyle with a knot, or just the simple men’ top knot hairstyle design, you’ve got it all on this list. The most popular ones, we must mention, are the ones that get along with a fade haircut.

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