One of the sexiest A-list hairstyle trend making rounds at the moment, top knot is taking a bow wherever it goes. Whether it is a top-shot celebrity or a newcomer, everyone has been seen sporting a top knot bun sometime or the other. The plus side to it is surely the fact that it can be personalized in so many ways, has a decent look about it for all those evenings out, even on men – and all you need are a few hairpins to sort it out! We have rounded up some of the most delightful ways to wear a top knot bun for you below:

Taylor Swift Loose Top Bun

taylor swift loose top bun

Her cute country looks are just the ideal match for this loose top bun. Tie up a simple loose bun with soft fringes fall free on your forehead. Team it up with a few strands falling loosely around your face and you’re ready for the pretty new-in-town girl look!

Gwen Stefani Blonde Knot

gwen stefani blonde knot

Gwen’s known for her experimenting, and this one is no different than the rest! A hairstyle for those with naturally straight hair, this knot is an elegant saviour for those of you who hate getting ready for hours before an event.

Jennifer Lopez Twirled Top Knot

jennifer lopez twirled top knot

JLo looks like the model of grace and style with this superbly done top knot hairstyle. While this one might require more a twist and turn of hair and quite a number of pins and hairspray to keep it up and straight, it will surely attract more eyeballs to you than a usual hairstyle would be able to.

AnnaLynne McCord Twisted Knot

annalynne mccord twisted knot

A trend more popular amongst the younger folks, this one is all about adding a twist of flair to the stylish top knot. Pair it with simple makeup, delicate earrings and nude eyeliner with sharp mascara for a decent evening look.

Gillian Zinser Messy Bun Updo

gillian zinser messy bun updo

Gillian gets top marks for carrying this messy little look so beautifully to the podium! Girls, note this one down for the time when you want to look pretty, but don’t want to give an impression of being overdressed.

Kendall Jenner Top Knot

kendall jenner top knot

Oh, you gotta love that oozing confidence of hers in that tidily done top bun with loose straight fringes to add a twist of undone. Make sure you pin up that top knot properly because any loose ends will completely spoil the perfection of this hairdo!

Kim Kardashian Top Knot Bun

kim kardashian top knot bun

A hairstyle list is incomplete with one of Kim Kardashian’s looks; and this one’s no exception! That sweetly done top knot brings all the attention to her glowing face and eyes, a classic experiment for a night-out amongst the who’s who of the A-list.

Sarah Hyland Doughnut knot

sarah hyland doughnut knot

Sarah Hyland of the Modern Family fame is sporting just the ideal top knot for her bubbly pretty personality. The doughnut bun will ensure your place in the list of the party’s trendsetters, while giving you a cut above the rest for the uniqueness.

Half Up Half Down Top Knot

half up half down top knot

The half-up top knot is the everyday hairdo for those who have fallen deeply in love with styling their hair into stylish buns. Super quick and easy to execute every morning, now you don’t have to rush to work in open loose hair just because you slept through your alarm!

Men’s Top Knot Hairstyle

mens top knot hairstyle

Didn’t we mention in the beginning that top knots look just equally tantalizing on men? Well, this one here is a sexy trend for men who enjoy experimenting with their hair and aren’t scared to brave knots!

High Bun with a Bow

high bun with a bow


Half Up Top Knot Idea

half up top knot idea


Classy Top Knot Bun

classy top knot bun


Top Knot Accessories Idea

top knot accessories idea


Fashionable Top Knot Bun Style

fashionable top knot bun style


High Bun for Natural Hair

high bun for natural hair


Knot Ideas for Kids

knot ideas for kids


Simple Knot Bun Hairdo

simple knot bun hairdo


Undercut Top Knot Hairstyle

undercut top knot hairstyle

Stylish Twisted Top Knot

stylish twisted top knot


Top knots are gaining popularity not only because of the ease and comfort of wearing them, but also because they look so chic! They are sure to stay here with all the newer trends joining in every season. After all, if you have got no time to blow out your hair, top knots are going to be your only saviours to carry you through work days and dinner nights equally. So which hairstyle are you going to try this weekend? Share with us in comments below!

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