Wavy hair for men has always been popular, especially if worn long and thick. If you’re into more cropped hair, just look at Superman’s curl and if you’re into longer locks, who better than Orlando Bloom in 17th-century English adventuring garb? Wavy hair has been touted as truly sexy, especially in the mid-2000’s.

Today, it’s hard to keep up with trends everywhere, but this one has never really gone out of style. And if you’re still in doubt, look no further than our own Jon Snow, Kit Harington.

Paul Walker Wavy Hairstyle

paul walker wavy hairstyle

Wavy hair here helps up the hard-hitting style factor that must be brought out whenever one dons a suit. Walker’s blonde waves, though not perfectly set, are neat as can be, befitting the late star’s most famous character’s personality: Brian O’Conner.

Harry Styles Long Wavy Hair

harry styles long wavy hair

Harry Styles’ cropped hair today is a long way from the star’s long adored thick wavy hair, pictured here when Styles was a baby-faced One Directioner charming his way around the web. A little hairspray will help tread the thin line between stylishly, and completely unkempt.

Orlando Bloom Medium Wavy Hair

orlando bloom medium wavy hair

A definite trendsetter of hairstyles in the early 2000’s, this was at the height of Bloom’s fame on Pirates of the Caribbean, and after. More rakish than Paul Walker’s above, Bloom still maintains decorum by keeping his hair short around the front and the sides. Business in the front, party behind!

Johnny Depp Wavy Hairstyle

johnny depp wavy hairstyle

If anything screams 90’s. it is Johnny Depp’s wavy hair. So immediately reminiscent of his defiant but loving and protective portrayal of the eponymous character from What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Depp’s hair is natural and his minimal goatee and mustache help balance the look.

Alex Pettyfer Wavy Haircut

alex pettyfer wavy haircut

Yes, the wavy hairstyle was truly the epitome of the 2000’s. Just look at Alex Pettyfer, pre brunette phase. If you want to replicate this one, tease your hair with a bit of gel and set with a hairspray.

James Marsden Short Wavy Hair

james marsden short wavy hair

Marsden keeps it soft and boyish. Wavy hair is good for setting a slightly ambiguous impression on others if done right – not too long, or too short, with just the right amount of dishevelled strands sticking up, and others laying down.

Hayden Christensen Medium Wavy Hair

hayden christensen wavy hair

If Anakin Skywalker can rock wavy hair, anyone can (just don’t go over to the dark side while you’re at it. Christensen’s hair, however, may require a little more styling than what one is used to.

Brody Jenner wavy Casual hairstyle

brody jenner wavy casual hairstyle1

Jenner’s hair isn’t necessarily wavy at first sight, but it’s all a matter of layering, of deciding what side of your hair you want others to see for the day. For creating a look like this – a neat cropped cut with the waves hidden, gel and a long comb will help.

Oscar Isaac Black Wavy Haircut

oscar isaac black wavy haircut

Now this is the definition of crisp, dignified wavy hair – a reminder that the style need not be just rakish and wild. Guatemalan-American actor Oscar Isaac, renowned for his roles in Inside Llewyn Davis, Star Wars, X-Men Apocalypse knows how to rock this look, especially while holding up that Golden Globe award!

Anakin Skywalker Wavy Hair

anakin skywalker wavy hair

Black and Long Wavy Hairstyle

black and long wavy hairstyle


Wavy Bob Hairstyle

wavy bob hairstyle


Blonde Wavy Hair Idea

blonde wavy hair idea


A structured mess, some would dub it. Here’s where you can really have some fun with wavy hair, as pictured above. Think troubadour, highwayman, pirate or just plain frontman of a classic rock band! To replicate this gorgeous look takes some hairstyling product strategically placed highlights and a very thick lovely beard but once you pull it off, it’s all worth it!

Short Length Wavy Hair

short length wavy hair


And there you are! Don’t be afraid of different hairstyles and don’t stereotype them for a particular gender, age or race either. Today the world’s opening up and you get to experiment all the more.

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