Getting the right haircut is more than just telling your stylist what you want. It is more about choosing a style that complements your face shape since we all have different face shapes. Round faces are balanced vertically and horizontally hence it is crucial you choose hairstyle designs that lengthen your face while accentuating your facial features. From a pixie, bob to layered styles, there is a haircut that will flatter an individual with a round face shape. You may also See Short Curly Hairstyle

Kelly Clarkson Short Haircuts For Round Faces

Not every short haircut will look good on a round face. However, styles that cover the ears or those with asymmetrical bangs will make your face appear thinner. Bobs, graded cuts, and pixies with side swept bangs will look fantastic on this face shape.


kelly clarkson short haircuts for round faces

Mila Kunis Long Haircuts For Round Faces

Long haircuts with curls or loose waves are most flattering to round faces. If you prefer straight hair, then opt to partially cover your face and ensure it covers both sides of the ears. The key is to conceal fullness by adding hairstyles that are visually elongating.


mila kunis long haircuts for round faces

Emma Stone Medium Haircuts For Round Faces

Ladies with round faces should opt for medium haircuts that have a shoulder length. Visible highlights on straight hair will ensure you look stylish and elegant. You can straighten your hair with a flat iron without forgetting to use natural styling products.


emma stone medium haircuts for round faces

Chrissy Teigen Layered Haircuts For Round Faces

Layered hairstyles look good on round faces as long as they are parted on a side to add a bit of texture. The trick with layered haircuts is to avoid over voluminous styles and go for those that fall around the face.


chrissy teigen layered haircuts for round faces

Michelle Williams Pixie Haircuts For Round Faces

People with round faces cannot go wrong by choosing pixie haircuts. These hairstyles are low maintenance and create a youthful look.  Pixies with a volume on top are the ideal hairstyles for round faces.


michelle williams pixie haircuts for round faces

Selena Gomez Curly Hairstyles For Round Faces

While curls work to create a romantic look, styles that are very voluminous are not suitable for round faces as they have a broadening effect. Instead, opt for loose curls which are slightly teased at the roots and those which add volume at the top of the head.


selena gomez curly hairstyles for round faces

Cameron Diaz Hairstyles With Bangs For Round Faces

Be it straight or side swept, bangs are the perfect haircut for round faces as they keep hair on the face to create a vertical elongating effect. Avoid extra thick bangs and instead, add bangs that fall slightly below the eyebrows.


cameron diaz hairstyles with bangs for round faces

Kaley Cuoco Edgy Haircuts For Round Faces

If you have round face, it doesn’t mean you have to stick to simple styles to make your face stunning. Instead, you have the option to try edgy haircuts that will distract people from the roundness.


kaley cuoco edgy haircuts for round faces

Holland Roden A-Line Haircuts For Round Faces

A-line haircuts for round faces scream chic and a fun personality. A-line bob that is stacked with layers adds volume and break up the circular shape. Go for those with a side bang, slightly wavy and with light highlights.


holland roden a line haircuts for round faces

Keira Knightley Asymmetrical Haircuts For Round Faces

Are you looking to change your current hairstyle? Then opt for asymmetrical haircuts. They are trendy and add an edge to an otherwise simple look. Asymmetry also works to correct round face shapes by elongating it visually.


keira knightley asymmetrical haircuts for round faces

Katie Holmes Bob Hairstyles For Round Faces

Chin length bob is the ideal haircut for round faces. Bobs that are asymmetrical, with a shorter nape, graduated bob, off centered and even with a side part will remove the plumpness and instead make you cute and chic.


katie holmes bob hairstyles for round faces

Dianna Agron Wedding Hairstyles For Round Faces

Whether you are wearing a traditional or modern gown, your hairstyle has to complement your face shape and wedding dress. Updos with deep side parts, simple side braid, will complement long hair that lays in front of your ears. Half up half down updos also suit a round face.


dianna agron wedding hairstyles for round faces

Jennifer Lawrence Shoulder Length Haircuts For Round Faces

Shoulder lengths haircut for round faces has never looked trendy especially when you add color. Neon shades are trendy and so is blonde hair. For round faces, opt for styles that have diagonal and vertical lines.


jennifer lawrence shoulder length haircuts for round faces

Maria Valverde Shaggy Haircuts For Round Faces

Shaggy hair is sexy, shows a carefree attitude and even adds volume to fine hair. For ladies with round faces, style your shaggy hair to have an asymmetrical silhouette.


maria valverde shaggy haircuts for round faces

Ellie Goulding Shaved Haircuts For Round Faces

Be it shaved on the side or back, sleek shaved haircuts look amazing on men and women. Just ensure the crown has longer hair as compared to the sides so as to add length to the face.


ellie goulding shaved haircuts for round faces

Women with round faces can use asymmetrical haircuts to mask their facial imperfections. Layered asymmetrical styles or with bangs will draw attention towards your hair instead of the face. The trick is to break up the roundness of the face by adding length and angles. Curly or wavy hairstyles will also camouflage the fullness.

Every man and woman are created with a different face shape with features that can show your beauty when you get the right haircut. For people with round faces, waves, and hairstyles that are on the face work to create a slimmer longer face. Short haircuts that cover the ears will also flatter this face shape.

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