The pixie asymmetrical haircut is perfect for people who look for an amazing and fresh hairstyle that is easy to style and maintain.Cropping your hair can be a troublesome choice particularly if you are not accustomed to short hair length.

While the plan of opting for a pixie hairstyle can sound enticing, many women fear that the style won’t go with their face shape. Some of the popular personalities flaunting this hairstyle are

Jennifer Lawrence Curly Asymmetrical Pixie

jennifer lawrence curly asymmetrical pixie

The unavoidable harm as a result of over-pressing the hair is the main reason why the Hunger Games: Catching Fire star (Jennifer Lawrence) got her hair cropped into a short pixie ‘do.Another reason behind opting for the Asymmetrical Pixie is that it’s easy to maintain and it gives a certain oomph factor.Pixie hairstyles are appropriate for women with dainty features but nearly all women can carry a pixie hairstyle if she is loaded with the sound knowledge.

Kristen Stewart Trendy Pixie Haircut

kristen stewart trendy pixie haircut

This has been in fashion now for quite some time. The latest to join the group is Kristen Stewart. This cut is ideal for casual hair flicks and unforced precision for breezy days. You may also see Pixie Haircuts for Women

Miley Cyrus Undercut Asymmetrical Pixie Hair

miley cyrus undercut asymmetrical pixie hair

There comes a time in every body’s life when they want to try out something unique with their own image and personality. Celebrities are no exception. Miley Cyrus the celebrated singer did that with her hair. She chopped off her common light brown mid-length locks to clipped Pixie cut which gives her a matured look. It’s a flexible cut and simple to maintain.

Keira Knightley Layered Asymmetrical Pixie Cuts

keira knightley layered asymmetrical pixie cuts

This short layered hair is extremely feminie and cute. The asymmetrical layers bring a lot of elegance to the outlook. It looks awesome in any kind of styles and with any kind of attire.

Julianne Hough Asymmetrical Blonde Pixie Haircut

julianne hough asymmetrical blonde pixie haircut

With hair extensions being a norm in Hollywood, one doesn’t have to think much before chopping off their hair. Dancer-actress Julianne Hough recently cropped her extensions and opted for Asymmetrical Blonde Pixie Haircut. And she is no mood to grow her hair at least for a while now.

Kaley Cuoco Feathered Asymmetrical Pixie Hairstyle

kaley cuoco feathered asymmetrical pixie hairstyle

Feathered Asymmetrical Pixie haircuts; prominent in the seventies have made a comeback. The latest one to try this hairdo is The Big Bang Theory actor- Kaley Cuoco. These types of haircuts may be combined into a number of hair lengths which allows you to match your own style at the same time. Shorter feathered hairstyles are cut down shoulder length and above.

Kimberly Caldwell Asymmetrical Pixie with Bangs

kimberly caldwell asymmetrical pixie with bangs

Cute Bangs whether blunt, asymmetric or wispy looks great on anyone. Bangs should be cut according to the shape of the face. For heart and triangular shaped faces, experts suggest long bangs. Oval faces welcome any form of bangs. Round faces would look more attractive with side bangs or layered styles.

Morena Baccarin Wavy Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

morena baccarin wavy asymmetrical pixie cut

Ladies with textured hair can frequently give up great short hairstyles because mid length hair would not look nice in their natural wavy pattern or too thicker or unmanageable around the face. But good haircut and nice color could enhance the natural quality of hair. A nice and modish pixie cut could turn heads and waviness could spice up the look.

Coco Rocha Asymmetrical Pixie Bob Hair

coco rocha asymmetrical pixie bob hair

The asymmetric bob hairstyle is very popular nowadays. This hair do is really attractive and delightful to look at. It has cool threads of middling thick hair which give this hairstyle enough volume and feel. This hairstyle gives a feminine appearance which is appealing. You may also see Long Pixie Haircuts

Nora Zehetner Short Asymmetrical Pixie Hairstyle

nora zehetner short asymmetrical pixie hairstyle

The short cropped hairstyle is the most favored hairstyle now a day. They not only look sexy and stylish but are easy to maintain.

Pixie Hairstyle for Chubby Face

pixie hairstyle for chubby face


Red Color Pixie Haircut

red color pixie haircut


Vintage Style Asymmetrical Pixie Hair

vintage style asymmetrical pixie hair


Side Swept Pixie Haircut

side swept pixie haircut


Simple Pixie Haircut Design

simple pixie hair for old women


Asymmetrical French Pixie Haircut

asymmetrical french pixie haircut


Grey Color Pixie Haircut Idea

grey color pixie haircut idea


Hair enhances a woman’s personality and look. So all you women out there, just head to the saloon to get the desired hair style.

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