Most of the time, pixie cut is associated with either low maintenance or bold and edgy. We think it is a trending haircut and should not be limited to any notion or stereotype. You don’t have to be bold and edgy to pull off a pixie cut. If done in right style, it can compliment anyone and make them look cool and chic. The cut has an immense versatility and we have a list of celebs to prove our point. So if you have been hesitant in trying out this super awesome haircut, we have few sources of inspiration for you.

1. Maria Borges

maria borges 3


maria borges 1

We love Maria Borges and we love her pixie hair. This Victoria’s Secret models holds a very cool and effortless aura around her and most that comes with her hair. On Nov 2010, she became the first black model to walk down the Victoria’s Secret runway wearing her natural afro hair and she did the same for the 2016 show as well. It is not just her pixie cut but also her attitude that you should be taking inspiration from.

2. Charlize Theron

charlize theron


charlize theron


She is the all time favourite pixie queen. On one side where people always relate short hair with tomboyish charm, she is someone who has redefined femininity and short hair stereotype with her pixie cut. Even if you have a soft face and delicate feature, you can certainly rock the pixie look.

3. Lupita Nyongo

lupita nyongo 1


lupita nyongo


This Kenyan-Mexican actress looks ravishing and pulls off pixie like a pro. The talented actress has now let her hair down and looks great but we definitely like the pixie better on her.

5. Scarlett Johansson

scarlett johansson

If you are hesitant on getting a pixie cut then we have pictures of Scarlett Johansson for inspiration. The gorgeous actress looks trendy and chic with her pixie hair. She mostly styles her pixie with backcomb and undercuts. The idea is great if you want your facial features to get equal attention like your hair.

6. Keira Knightley

keira knightley

Keira Knightley’s pixie is perfect for girls who like their hairstyles to be messy, shaggy and layered. Include bangs from the front and add layers to the cut and you are ready to look fabulously chic.

7. Emma Watson

emma watson1

emma watson

Emma Watson is a natural with all the looks that she carries. Her ultra short pixie compliments her subtle features. If you are looking for something low maintenance and stylish this haircut is a must try. An added bonus you get with this cut is that you get to look a lot more younger and attractive.

8. Evan Rachel


If you thought that only guys can have fun with spikes, have a look at Evan Rachel’s pixie again! This haircut is supercool mix of pixie and spikes and to add more fun you can always experiment with your hair color.

9. Halle Berry


Halle Berry has not had her pixie hair for quite some time now, but we could not complete this list without her name. She has epitomize this style and has given it a timeless charm.

Last but not the least, Jourdana Phillips is the latest sensation in the oh-so offbeat pixie club. If you followed the recently held Victoria’s Secret Fashion, you could have not take no notice of Jourdana Phillips and her platinum short curves. The internet is obsessed with her pixie hair. For girls with curly locks, we suggest to go for this pixie cut.

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