From subtle to daring the fringes have managed to remain a classic hairstyle in every time and age. It is a misconception, if someone says fringes would not suit you. With so many styles and shapes available, the chance of not finding the right one for your face is close to negligible, no… we mean nill.

We have compiled a list of 10 best celebrity fringe hairstyle for your next haircut inspiration.

Dakota Johnson Fringe Hairstyle

dakota johnson fringe hairstyle

Dakota Johnson sports her chic and stylish fringes with her brown mid length hair. They are finely chopped bangs falling effortlessly in her forehead. If you have very fine and smooth hair, this type of fringe is ideal for you. Also girls with a large forehead can sport these choppy fringes

Pixie Lott with Fringe Haircut

pixie lott with fringe haircut

The haircut sported by Pixie Lott at Olivier awards looks super chic. She has very thick bangs that end just below the eyebrows. Well, this is also the first time Pixie dons a fringe haircut. These bangs by Pixie give us major fringe goals. Don’t they?

Emma Stone Fringe Hairstyle

emma stone fringe hairstyle

Emma sports a straight haircut with side swept bangs that blend in with the rest of her hair. You could ask your stylist to do the same for you. This way you can flaunt your bangs whenever you want exclusively or leave them in the sides to mix with the rest of your hair.

Zooey Deschanel Fringe Hairstyle

zooey deschanel fringe hairstyle

Zooey flaunts her medium length brunette hair with very thick bangs right below her brows. Her fringe cut complements well with the curled up ends. These bangs suit all kinds of hair. Spritz your hairspray in your fingertips through your hair to maintain those sexy bangs.

Rihanna Chanel Fringe Haircut

rihanna chanel fringe haircut

Rihanna’s blunt-bangs that she pulled off effortlessly at the Chanel’s fashion show looked uber chic, sleek and stylish. The ends of her are straight and sleek which complements well with the fringes.

Kim Kardashian Fringe Hairstyle for Long Hair

kim kardasian fringe hairstyle

For long hair, faux bangs look stunning, like the one sported by Kim Kardashian. For longer hair, the side bangs hairstyle should be longer pieces so that they mix with the rest of the hair.

Fringe Hairstyle for Curly Hair

fringe hairstyle for curly hair


Be it straight, curly, long or short. Fringes work absolutely well with all. When it comes to curly hair, bangs are amazing. Yes you heard that right. Bangs and curly hair make for a crazy duo. Go for a side swept fringe that just works perfectly well with curls.

Fringe Haircut for Short Hair

fringe haircut for short hair


Fringes in short hair are adorable. People with square face cuts can for this fringe that is slightly side swept with a thin layer of bangs. They look cute on small faces and can also make your forehead appear bigger.

Side Fringe Hairstyle

side fringe hairstyle


A side fringe hairstyle is one that looks flattering on all face cuts, this look is rather feminine and sexy. You could ask your stylish for long bangs to blend easily with your hair. You also have the option of tucking a few pieces of bangs behind your ear and let the rest fall.

Fringe Flattering Hairstyle

fringe flattering hairstyle


There’s something about the 60s fringe flattering long blunt bangs with straight ends falling neatly on your forehead. This flattering fringe hairstyle looks absolutely gorgeous on thick hair.

Messy Fringe Hairstyle Idea

messy fringe hairstyle idea


Long Hairstyle With Blunt Bangs

long hairstyle with blunt bangs


Bella Thorne Fringe Hairstyle

bella thorne fringe hairstyle

Lea Michele Hairstyle Design

lea michele hairstyle idea

Alexa Chung Small Fringe Haircut

alexa chung small fringe haircut

Anne Hathaway Fringe Hair Updo

anne hathaway fringe hair updo

Medium Length Fringe Hair

medium length fringe hair


Felicity Jones Fringe Haircut

felicity jones fringe haircut

Fringe haircuts make for a super chic and stylish appearance. And yes fringes are back again, with a bang! The best part about bangs or fringes is that they suit every kind of face cut, and every kind of hair, no matter curly or straight or wavy. Ask your stylist for any one of these haircuts depending on your hair and face type.

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