Puff hairstyle has been in fashion for a long time now. It gives out a very retro feel and makes you look completely fashionable. The puff hairstyle can be done with long and medium length hair. You just need some pins to hold it in place. Let’s take a look into some of the gorgeous puff hairstyle designs.

Anushka Sharma Side Puff Hairstyle Design

anushka sharma side puff hairstyle design

Anushka Sharma looks pretty with her puff hairstyle. She has left her fringe loose whereas the middle portion of her hair is in a puff supported by pins and rest of her is left loose. This look is suitable for everyday wear and it will make you look simple yet gorgeous.

Selena Gomez Puff Hairstyle for Round Face

selena gomez puff hairstyle for round face

Selena Gomez looks incredible with her short hairstyle and the mid puffy hairstyle. You could just let the front of your hair in a fringe and puff the middle section like what we saw earlier. Girls with short hair, this has got to be a must try.

Ayeza Khan Bridal Puff Hairstyle

ayeza khan bridal puff hairstyle

When you wear a bridal dress not your entire hair will be seen and especially if it is a lehenga, only the front portion of your hair will be seen and you want it to look amazing so you just puff the front portion to flaunt along with your dress.

Zendaya Ponytail Hair With Puff

zendaya ponytail hair with puff

Even if you have long curly hair, you can still style it in the most stylish manner. This is not a big puff unlike the other. This is a regular puff where the front of your hair is pushed back and supported by a pin. With long hair, this look should probably be best for a party.

Aishwarya Rai Puff Braid Hairstyle Design

aishwarya rai puff braid hairstyle design

Aishwarya Rai’s fancy puff hairstyle is perfect if you are stepping out to go to a party. It is a high-rise puff to make your face look more enhanced. The rest of her hair is styled as per the puff. This is a different look and she looks stunning as always and so will you.

Deepika Padukone Puff Hairstyle for Short Hair

deepika padukone puff hairstyle for short hair

This is a very casual look where you just have to puff up the front of your hair and tie the rest of it in a neat ponytail. You could wear this for meetings or regular get together or even to parties, you will look absolutely marvelous.

Angelina Julie Puff Haircut with Bangs

angelina julie puff haircut with bangs

This is a very casual look that you could wear on an everyday basis. This is a must lighter puff in compared all that we have seen above. Leave some loose strands and puff the center portion of your hair. A simple look like this can grab great attention.

Adriana Sklenarikova Crown Puff Hairstyle

adriana sklenarikova crown puff hairstyle

Like most of the others you have seen, this is also puffed in the middle. At the crown of your head and it is made to look a little loose and messy to give a more radiating look. This would make a perfect wedding hairstyle.

Jessica Alba Retro Puff Hairstyle Design

jessica alba retro puff hairstyle design

This is a very simple hairstyle that we see very often. Just push back some of your hair and leave the rest to make it look simple yet pretty.

Parineeti Chopra Curly Puff Hair Idea

parineeti chopra curly puff hair idea

This is the perfect puff that is right in the front and looks very pretty. The rest of hair is tied back. It is simple and easy to do.

These were some gorgeous hairstyle we have seen. Some were short hairstyles and some of them perfect for weddings. Some even messy but they all looked absolutely gorgeous. These are very easy to do and can be tried even at home. Just make sure you have enough pins to support them.

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