Braided hairstyle has become a staple way to look elegant without using heat or chemicals. Celebrities such as Jenifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift love to incorporate braids to give their hair that edgy look. Girls, as well as mature ladies, will love this hairstyle because it’s so easy to make. So, whether you’re going to prom, dinner date, engagement party or just hanging out with friends, there’s a braided hairstyle to suit your face shape.

Dutch Flower Braid Hairstyle

dutch flower braid hairstyle


The standard updo can get boring, so create a rope-like braid using your hair and wrap the braid into a bun for an extra dose of elegance and glamor. This style is suitable for going to prom. You may also see Dutch Braid Hairstyles

Rose Bud Flower Braid Hairstyle

rose bud flower braid hairstyle


To give your flower braid an edge, add rainbow colors. If you have a daring attitude, shave the hair closest to the nape into an undercut design and apply a vibrant color to give the hairstyle a wild effect.

Flower Braid Wedding Hairstyle

flower braid wedding hairstyle


To look like a princess during your wedding, you need a flower braid hairstyle. To recreate this look, loosely curl your hair, create flower buns and hold them in place using either Bobby or floral hair pins.

Floral Braid Updo

floral braid updo


Floral braids updos are a favorite fashion trend for women who are getting married or for the bridal party. Its simplicity makes it perfect for adding fresh blooms and you can frame your face using a few loose front curls.

Give your braid a more formal look by allowing half of your wavy hair to flow on your back. For this look create a braid both on the left and right side of your hair then twist braid into a bun.

This casual hairstyle which is suitable for young girls and teenagers will complement even a simple prom dress. The trick is to create a braid in an S shape and hold the flower braid in place using small floral pins.

This waterfall braid hairstyle which is suitable for medium length to long hair will have you looking like a model in no time. Curling your hair gives a cute effect while creating floral braid in a bun makes this hairstyle elegant.

Middle part your hair from the crown, using three small strands makes a French braid and secures the ends with an elastic band. This hairstyle is suitable for young girls and mature ladies with oval, diamond and heart face shapes.

Half Flower Braid Hairstyle

half flower braid hairstyle


By starting with a side part and teasing your hair, you too can have this half flower braid hairstyle. Redheads can use this braid to give their hair an elegant and fun look that is perfect for summer or prom.

Side Flower Braid Hairstyle Design

side flower braid hairstyle design


A side braid gives your hair that dazzling look by showing an illusion of volume. This hairstyle is suitable for casual occasion. Teasing hair at the crown and creating three braids makes it suitable for oblong and diamond faces.

Awesome Flower Braid Hairstyle

awesome flower braid hairstyle


Ribbon Flower Braid Bun Hairstyle

ribbon flower braid bun hairstyle


Lace Flower Braid Low Bun Hairstyle

lace flower braid low bun hairstyle


Simple Flower Braid Updo

simple flower braid updo


Gorgeous Flower Braid Hairstyle Design

gorgeous flower braid hairstyle design


Headband Flower Braid Hairstyle

headband flower braid hairstyle


Flower Braid Bridal Hairstyle

flower braid bridal hairstyle


Half Up Flower Braid Hairstyle

half up flower braid hairstyle


Messy Flower Braid Hairstyle

messy flower braid hairstyle


Flower Braid Donut Bun Hairstyle

flower braid donut bun hairstyle1


How to make an inverted French flower braid?

This French braid is the simplest hairstyle that you can do. Use a wide comb to part your hair in the middle, make side French braids on both sides, twist the braid in a flower design and secure with bobby pins.

Flower braid updo hairstyles are not just about being presentable, but it’s also about creating a fashion statement that portrays your style in the easiest way possible. So, whether you’re at home or the salon, try one of these braided hairstyles that will have you looking gorgeous in no time.

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