If you are bored with the everyday braids and want to try something fun, Dutch braids are the relatively easy look to try. The look of Dutch braid is quite similar to the normal braid, just more versatile because of the 3-D appearance.

As the braids look good with almost every outfit, we have enlisted the top 10 styles that you can try and experiment with for any event or occasion.

Rita Ora Dutch Braid Hairstyle

rita ora dutch braid hairstyle

For a dutch braided updo, you can braid the front section of your hair just like you would do in case of the French braid. Just take the strands under instead of above, fluff out the loops for a more voluminous look. Add a hair accessory to make the look more chic and pretty.

Rihanna Side Braid Hairstyle

rihanna side braid hairstyle

If you have long hair, Dutch braid helps to add texture to your normal three strand braid. Side part you hair and Dutch braid a thin front section and bring all the remaining hair to one side and braid it to the end.

Jennifer Lawrence Crown Braid

jennifer lawrence crown braid hairstyle

If you have bangs Dutch braid acts as a crown to your head. Leave the bangs and Dutch braid the remaining hair on both side, you can leave the look as it is or tie it into a bun.

Selena Gomez Dutch Long Braid

selena gomez dutch long braid

The Gomez look is the style that is much hyped in the fashion world. If you have long hair, comb them back and Dutch braid the hair. You can pull out the loops for a huge and voluminous look.

Amber Heard with Dutch Braid Hairstyle

amber heard with dutch braid hairstyle

You can Dutch braid a thin strand on the side and leave the rest of your hair open. The look is unique and will give a different touch to otherwise plain open hair.

A simple trick like adding a double Dutch Braid on one side changes the look instantly. All you need to do is neatly braid and pin it in the back.

If you are planning to braid the hair on the side, instead of  normal French you can Dutch braid on top and bottom for a more puffed up look.

Side Twisted Braid Hairstyle

side twisted braid hairstyle


If you like the large bulky look, Dutch braid the hair and pull out the strands for a messy and styled appearance.

Currently in style, the middle parted Dutch braided look is a must for making you look stylish in the hot summer days.

Short Braided Dutch Hairstyle

short braided dutch hairstyle


For a simple yet trendy look, Dutch braid the strands till the mid-length and tie the rest in a bun. The look is cute and can work well even if you have bangs in the front.

Inside Out Plait Hairstyle

inside out plait hairstyle


Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

fishtail braid hairstyle


French Braid for Long Hair

french braid for long hair


Inside Out Dutch Braid

inside out dutch braid


Dutch Braid for Curly Hair

dutch braid for curly hair


Blonde Dutch Braid Hairstyle

blonde dutch braid hairstyle


Easy Dutch Braid Ponytail

easy dutch braid ponytail


Braids are no more the look you try in the boundaries of your home. The look is a hit on the red carpet as well as in parties. Replace the simple braids by giving it a Dutch look and enjoy the heat in syle.

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