If you are possessing long thick hair and yet do not know how to do your hair, the Flipped Braid Updo will be your piece of cake. Make a pony tail tightly from the crown and divide the tied hair into three parts. Tie each part into a braid and tuck the ends of your each braid with bobby pins at the back. Embellish your updo with stone studded hair accessories to get your desired cute look.

Gorgeous Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

gorgeous waterfall braid


If your hair is long and wavy the Braid Wrap style will bring a mermaid look and will be an eye-popping hairstyle to wear for any informal occasion. The tine crown made by the braid taken by a small section of hair from one side makes this hairstyle so unique and easy-to-make. Using a curling iron, you can create a wavy texture on the untied part of your hair.

Creating long cascading curls is a style you can flaunt on any formal or informal event. Dampen your hair by mousse and curl your hair using barrel iron. Running your finger through your curls will give you a fabulous look. Another rocking coiffeur is the midnight coloured layers in which you have to cut your hair in short layers from the crown and mid length layers throughout for volume and shape. Cherry red or ombre will be your chosen colour.

Spring Style Long Wavy Hair

spring style hair


Colorful Long Curly Hairstyle Design

colorful long curly hair1


Long Bridal Braided Hairstyle Idea

long bridal hairstyle


Two Toned Long Weaves Hairstyle Design

colorful weaves hairstyle


Hairstyle Design For Curly Hair

long pretty curls


Long Four Braided Simple Hairstyle

long 4 braided hairstyle


Wedding Fish Braid Hairstyle For Bride

wedding fish braid hairstyle


Side Braided Updo Hairstyle Design

side braided updo hair


Sharp Turns Fish Tail Braid Hairstyle Idea

sharp turns fish tail braid


Medium Brown Top Knot Long Hairstyle

medium brown variety hairstyle


Curl Dutch Braid Hairstyle For Kids

curl dutch braid


French Loop Braid Hairstyle Design

french loop braid


Long Waterfall Braided Hair

long waterfall braid1


Latest Long White Hairstyle For Women

amazing long white hairstyle


With a surfeit of cute long hairstyles you are ready to rock any dance floor or beach party or even be a replica of European beauty of the Renaissance. Choose the right hairdo and be a trendsetter in your socials.

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