Long locks are always the center of attraction. The magical weaves in the said long hair provide the seductive look to almost every girl. Irrespective of the face cut and hair quality, long wavy hairstyles look awesome all the time. If you have become bored of your regular long hair look and do not wish to make it short, you can get better off by adopting elegant yet easy alteration with your regular hairstyle.

Pick from the following long wavy hairstyles which suit you the most

Girls born with the wavy hair fall in this category. They do not need to work much on their hair to make their look trendy. Girls not born with the wavy hairs can simply get the flair waves in their hair to look appealing.

Awesome Long Wavy Hairstyle

awesome long wavy hairstyle


Get the flaunt look with a simple long wavy ponytail.  Rock your party night with this simple yet appealing hairstyle. Just clutch the bunch of hair and wrap it with the help of ruffle to get this exciting look.

This easy to make hairstyle looks perfect for long face cuts. The one side sweep gives a sexy look. At the end side of the hair, create intense waves that will give a stylish look to your appearance.

This all season hairstyle goes well on the oval-shaped faces. It would not demand any hard work to create this simple yet elegant hairstyle. Light waves are created at the end part of the hairs to give a flawless look.

Look gorgeous with the poof style ponytail in the long hairs. Girls having dense hair must try this hairstyle. To get more attention, one can try a curly bang at the end side of the hairs.

Attractive long Wavy Hairstyle

attractive long wavy hairstyle


To get the best of you, try out the fiery red layered waves hairstyle with curly ends. Get the finishing touch up by adopting matching accessories. This bold and bright look will make you shining star in every night party.

Shaded Color Long Wavy Hairstyle

shaded color long wavy hairstyle


Natural Long Wavy Hairstyle

natural long wavy hairstyle

SourceGold Long Wavy Hairstyle

gold long wavy hairstyle


Shining Long Wavy Hairstyle

shining long wavy hairstyle


Nice Long Wavy Hairstyle

nice long wavy hairstyle


Enjoy the flawless free waves in the hairstyle after creating small braids at the top of the head. Spruce up your overall appearance with this quick hairstyle.

White Long Wavy Hairstyle

white long wavy hairstyle


The lengthy wavy ponytail hairstyle with messy hair wraps is ready within a couple of minutes and college going girls can make the best use of these hairstyles. It just needs a band to scroll the hairs and bind it. The waves will be created in the ponytail to make your appearance more confident.

Nice Color Long Wavy Hairstyle

nice color long wavy hairstyle


Silky & Soft Long Wavy Hairstyle

silky soft long wavy hairstyle


Get the charming look by spreading all volume of the hairs on one side. Create a side bang to look prettier. Start creating light waves from the chin point and end it with the deep waves. To bring more attraction one can make good use of hairband in this hairstyle.

Simple & White Long Wavy Hairstyle

simple white long wavy hairstyle


Silky Long Wavy Hairstyle

silky long wavy hairstyle


This hairstyle gives a funky look to all face shapes. It is created with the feathered waves with the end touch of curly intense outward bangs.

Golden Long Wavy Hairstyle

golden long wavy hairstyle


Shine & Silk Long Wavy Hairstyle

shine silk long wavy hairstyle


The long wavy hairstyles never go out of trend. Having long hairs is always a plus. From prom events to night parties, long wavy hairs provide eye-catchy look on every occasion. With slight modifications, the complete look can be changed within seconds. Try these hairstyles especially in a situation where you’re running out of time, as these are easy to make. Get ready!

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