Teased hair updo was a big thing in the 1980s. The style though is making a huge comeback, with celebrities parading “long hair” in important events. Teasing your hair is one good way of adding more body to the hairstyle and in creating a voluminous and luxurious mane. You can go to a beauty parlor for a professional teased hairstyle look, or you can learn how to do it and develop some funky hairstyle skills and techniques.

Katy Perry Teased Bump Hairstyle

katy perry teased bump hairstyle

Do you like Katy Perry and her style? Then you need to learn how to tease your hair like this. A little height is added by teasing just the front hair part and then combing it so lightly to be styled like a hair crown. This is an ideal updo for special occasions.

Ashley Tisdale Teased Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

ashley tisdale teased half up half down hairstyle

Ashley Tisdale is also sporting teased hairstyle these days. For this particular updo, Ashley’s hair is not teased very high; it is actually a half up and half down style, which is perfect for her youthful looks.

Kate Mara Teased Ponytail Hairstyle

kate mara teased ponytail hairstyle

This teased hairstyle is perfect for women who like putting their hair up. It is simple and not too high, which is very much in trend these days.

Skyler Samuels Messy Teased Hawk Hair

skyler samuels messy teased hawk hair

Teased hair can also be done for twist braid hairstyles like this one sported by Skyler Samuels. The braid is not done perfectly, creating a messy look that matches her overall appearance.

Shermine Sharivar Curls Teased Hairstyle

shermine sharivar curls teased hairstyle

Curly or wavy hair is the best for teasing. It is already full of body and it does not need much coercing to be styled. For this hairstyle on Shermine Sharivar, the hair is teased mildly at the top and set on one side for a flirty look.

Eva Longoria Slicked Back Teased Hairstyles

eva longoria slicked back teased hairstyles

Eva Longoria is known for being stylish, trendy and fashionable. She has a face with perfect features and she can actually get away with any kind of hairstyle. This slicked back teased hairstyle though really shows off her exotic and elegant beauty.

Teased Shoulder Length Hairstyle

teased shoulder length hairstyle


Inverted bob hairstyle is also nice to tease on the front side. This shoulder length hair is teased to add volume to the top part – a perfect style for the young and upbeat women.

Crimp Tease Bun Hairdo

crimp tease bun hairdo


This is a good bridal bun updo. Little bangs are on the left side and the rest of the top hair is teased to add volume and to provide balance for the braid and back bun. A perfect hairstyle for special occasions like weddings.

During the 80’s teased updo is down for the front hair. For today’s teased hair trend, though, the sides, the top, and the backs are teased, as well. This crown updo is one perfect example of creating a volume of the top hair.

This long hair is braided at the front going all the way down and the back part of the hair is tied in a messy ponytail. The teased crown is a bit high, giving the more body into the updo. This high ponytail hairstyle is ideal for a casual day outing.

Braid Teased Bun Hairstyle

braid teased bun hairstyle


Updo Teased Hairstyle

updo teased hairstyle


Teased Low Ponytail

teased low ponytail


Model Bun Teased Hairstyle

model bun teased hairstyle


Long and Silky Teased Hair

long and silky teased hair


Beautiful Teased Hairstyle with Bangs

beautiful teased hairstyle with bangs


Black Long Teased Hairstyle

black long teased hairstyle


Teased hairstyle has made a big comeback, and with a twist. It is no longer just the front hair part that is being teased. You can tease the sides, the crown, and the back too. You can evenly tease all your hair if you really want volume and body. One important thing to know when teasing your hair is that it needs to be clean and combed properly first.

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