Creating gritty textures have been considered interesting for typography, logos and various illustrations featuring a retro effect. The best part with these designs is that you can blend these designs together to redesign some new style which can give a better and more enhanced touch to your canvas or art piece. Though it seems interesting in creating new designs; but it does call for some extra time to in the redesigning a fresh texture from scraps. But as you are fond of new Photoshop gritty texture designs, here is a look at some of the textures.

 High Resolution Gritty Texture

high resolution gritty texture

This gritty texture as suggested by the name is available in stocks of high-resolution image designs which aim at fitting all your project requirements. The file available to you consists of the vector illustration and JPG image.

Vintage Grit Texture Design

vintage gritty texture design

To help you save time in the creation of designs from scratches; the vintage gritty texture design offers you a collection of authentic and vintage textures. The file you get consists of a PDF guide, 10 Full pages consisting of individual textures, Vector illustration in EPS and PNG format. The PNG file comes in a size of 27 MP (6000x 4,500 PX). None of the texture is repeated or tiled.

White Gritty Texture

white gritty texture

This Photoshop gritty texture fulfills your need for a pebbly white and gray textured background for your art piece or design. Coming in high-resolution format; these textures caters to various needs of your project. The graphic file offered to you consists of the vector illustration and JPG image.

Abstract Gritty Sand Texture

abstract gritty sand texture

To add a sandy or soil touch to your canvas; you can make use of the Abstract gritty sand texture. Coming in high-resolution format; this design meets various needs related to your project. Coming to what you get; you are provided with a file consisting of the vector illustration and JPG image. Also making it user for you to use this design; you get all the instructions loaded in the help file.

Colorful Gritty Texture Design

colorful gritty texture design

This colorful Gritty texture design comes in a set consisting of 10 High resolution amazingly colorful gritty textures each of 12 x 12 inches dimension. The file you get is in JPG type and offers you with the vector illustration. You may also See Granite Textures

High Quality Gritty Vector Texture

high quality gritty vector texture

Willing to give a dirty black and white wall grunge textured background to your canvas? This can be done best with the High-quality gritty vector texture coming with a gritty vector and distressed texture. The flexibility with the size helps it fit every requirement related to any project. The graphic file consists of the vector illustration and JPG image.

Mixed Grit Texture Pack

mixed grit texture pack

This collection consists of a vast array of textures ranging from bold and grungy to subtle and light which has been made from various sources like woodblock, concrete, paper stocks which have become vintage, card, paints, ink and many others materials. The pack provided to the user consists of 40 different high resolution mixed grid textures and 26 high-resolution half-toned grid textures (mixed) along with 40 and 26 vector illustrations, 1 guide file and one contact sheet (printable) consisting of preview for each texture.

Gritty Rock Texture

gritty rock texture

This Photoshop gritty texture comes with an orange like gritty rock texture with a highly rough background. Being available broadly in high-resolution format; this texture meets all your project needs.

Gritty Lime Green Wall Texture

gritty lime green wall texture1

This Photoshop gritty texture gives a perfect gritty lime green wall touch to your canvas. The file comes with a JPG image and a user guide.

Gritty Paint on Wood Texture

gritty paint on wood texture

Grain Wall Texture

grain wall texture

Gritty Background Texture

gritty background texture

Colorful Grainy Texture

colorful grainy texture

Gritty Blue Cement Texture

gritty blue cement texture

Free Gritty Grunge Wall Texture

free gritty grunge wall texture

Grit Cement Abstract Texture

grit cement abstract texture

Rough Gritty Texture

rough gritty texture

Red and White Gritty Texture

red and white gritty texture

Grey Gritty Plaster Texture

grey gritty plaster texture

Shuffle through these gritty texture designs to find the one fitting your needs. Get to learn about them and the techniques of redesigning by blending two or more designs together.

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