A good project can get better with a texture designs. However, if you want it to have a raw power with natural effects that evoke primitive feelings to anyone that looks at them then you should go for a grunge style. These textures depict rust, scratches, stains and cracks that no one likes in real life and that make for amazing designs with edgy looks and style like the following collection of grunge texture designs.

Grunge Paper Texture

grunge paper texture

As far as distressed backgrounds go, this design is a perfect example. You can use it in brochures, posters as well as in web sites to add a little edge.

Vector Grunge Texture

vector grunge texture

You can get a set of texture designs set on black background for a dramatic look. Scratches, spots, fade in effects and paint splatters bring together incredible grunge designs.

Grunge Metal Texture

grunge metal texture

Metal flooring with concrete wall creates an edgy and strong design that will look ideal in magazines, posters and brochures. The high distress level adds a mesmerizing tone for projects.

Grunge Wall Texture

grunge wall texture

Old concrete walls look rough and aged with uneven surface with cracks and peeling paint that is suitable for web sites and blogs. You can find it in jpg format.

Vintage Grunge Texture

vintage grunge texture

Vintage Textures have a charming look that makes them suitable for invitations, business cards and book covers. Similar to these you can find paper textures to use for classic projects.

Concrete Grunge Texture

concrete grunge texture

For excellent results you should get a high resolution texture design. The details on the distressed textures design will give you incredible background elements. Find them in psd and jpg formats.

Black and White Grunge Texture

black and white grunge texture

The black dirt design with the dusty overlay and the start white background can give you a great texture design for brochures, book covers, magazines and posters.

Seamless Grunge Texture

seamless grunge texture

Getting a set will help you stock on amazing designs and solve any future inspiration problems. This grunge rainbow pack has twelve png designs with 512×512 px resolution each.

Dark Grunge Texture

dark grunge texture

Available in 12”x12” size this set comes with eighteen digital paper texture designs in dark color combinations. Suitable for business cards and invitations, you can find them in jpg format.

High Resolution Grunge Texture

high resolution grunge texture

Many grunge textures have an inert artistic feeling that will look wonderful in posers, magazines and book covers. You can find them in rgb format files of 65MB size.

Blue Grunge Texture Design

blue grunge texture design

Free Vintage Grunge Texture Design

free vintage grunge texture design

Satellite Grunge Texture

satellite grunge texture

High Quality Dark Grunge Texture

high quality dark grunge texture

Grey Grunge Texture

grey grunge texture

Black Grunge Texture

black grunge texture

Distressed Grunge Texture

distressed grunge texture

Light Grunge Texture Design

light grunge texture design

Colored Vintage Grunge Texture

colored vintage grunge texture

Brown Grunge Photoshop Texture

brown grunge photoshop texture

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