There are various different kinds of texture designs from which you can choose when it comes to looking for the best design for your next project. One of the most popular types of design is the splatter texture design. This design resembles and recreates the pattern made by a liquid on a flat surface.

There are many different types of splatter textures you can get, depending on the type of liquid and flat surface used in the design. Given below are some of the most popular ones are water textures, blood textures, etc.

Blood Splatter Texture

blood splatter texture

This texture looks like blood splattered on a white surface. The blood is spread out unevenly and this makes it look both more realistic as well as beautiful. This texture is very arresting, fascinating and is sure to catch the eye of the viewer because of the bright colors and the contrast between the two colors.

Paint Splatter Texture Design

paint splatter texture design

This design looks almost like a painting or a piece of art. The pattern made by the paint being splattered on the surface looks aesthetically pleasing.

Ink Splatter PSD Texture

ink splatter psd texture

This design has a very edgy feel to it. The classic contrast between the black and white colors and the abstractness of the splatter design makes it very popular.

Grunge Splatter Texture

grunge splatter texture

This grunge texture is a rough texture that has a rusty and earthy feel to it. The beautiful lavender color highlighted the texture of the background even more.

Water Splatter Texture

water splatter texture

This texture has a very young and edgy feel to it. It looks almost like a glitter texture and is excellent for decorating mobile or laptop covers or even scrapbooks.

Watercolor Splatter Textures

watercolor splatter textures

This is one of the softest splatter designs. It resembles like a cloud almost and has a soothing and calming feel to it. The texture makes the colors really pop.

Mud Splatter Texture

mud splatter texture

This texture looks like mud that has been splattered by the tires of a car. The light color in the background creates a great contrast with the brown mud color and there is an earthy feel to this texture.

Paint Splashed Texture Design

paint splashed texture design

This design looks like a complete work of art. The beautiful patterns made by the splashed paint are stunning and eye catching. You can use this texture on your wallpaper to give your room a different look.

Concrete PSD Splatter Texture

concrete psd splatter texture

This texture stands out from the rest because it uses concrete as the surface on which yellow paint is splattered, thereby adding an extra edge to this design.

High Resolution Watercolor Splatter Texture

high resolution watercolor splatter texture

This texture is very colorful and bright. It can be used for wallpapers or even on bags and scarfs. This beautiful design would look good on any surface.

Grunge Paint Splatter Texture

grunge paint splatter texture

Splatter Bright Paint Texture

splatter bright paint texture

Concrete Splatter Texture

concrete splatter texture

Free Blood Splatter Texture

free blood splatter texture

Seamless Colorful Splatter Texture

seamless colorful splatter texture

Brown Mud Splatter Texture

brown mud splatter texture

Blue and White Splatter Paint Texture

blue and white splatter paint texture

High Resolution Splatter Texture

high resolution splatter texture

Splatter Grunge Abstract Texture

splatter grunge abstract texture

Colorful Paint Splatter Texture

colorful paint splatter texture

Splatter Grunge Paint Texture

splatter grunge paint texture

The splatter texture is so popular because of the edgy and rusty texture of this design. It is for those who believe in being different and standing out. These beautiful designs can be used to decorate any surface, from a laptop cover to a bag, from wallpaper to a T-shirt.

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