Hands are very often used as an integral part of design and design elements. This trend was started centuries ago as the hand was considered a very powerful symbol of power, a symbol of defense and a symbol of unity. Therefore even today, the hand is a very commonly used symbol in web design and in graphics. The hand happens to be one of the hottest trending Photoshop brushes to be used around today!

78 Superb Hand Brushes with High Resolution

78 superb hand brushes with high resolution


10 Different Vextures in Both Vector and Photoshop Brush Formats

10 different vextures in both vector and photoshop brush formats


30 Photoshop Hand Printed Brushes

30 photoshop hand printed brushes


The hand can be used in a variety of different way to depict multiple things. This may include hands that are caricatures, realistic hands, cartoon hands, minimal hands, silhouette of hands and even skeletal hands! Hands can showcase a lot of emotions ranging from a hand help up signifying strength to a closed fist signifying anger and a threat. Hands are used by designers in designs that are minimal, clean and even to represent vibrant colours and designs. These brushes make it very easy for designers to incorporate these symbols in their designs, thus giving a very strong message.

Simple Hand Print Brushes

simple hand print brushes

21 High Resolution scanned brush painted circles

21 high resolution scanned brush painted circles


60 Hand drawn Word Lettering Brushes

60 hand drawn word lettering brushes


80 Natural Hand Drawn Arrow Brushes

80 natural hand drawn arrow brushes

40 Different Hand-Crafted Brushes

40 different hand crafted brushes


5 Simple Hand Brushes

5 simple hand brushes

Beautiful Hands Brush Sets

beautiful hands brush sets

27 Unique Hand painted Crosses

27 unique hand painted crosses


Professional Photoshop Brush Pack

professional photoshop brush pack


4 Drippy Paint Hand Brushes

4 drippy paint hand brushes1

18 Cross Hatched Hand Drawn Pen Brushes

18 cross hatched hand drawn pen brushes


74 Easy Hand Lettering Brushes

74 easy hand lettering brushes


Photoshop Brush Pack of Bloody Hands

photoshop brush pack of bloody hands

90 Hand Drawn Creative Arrow and Symbol Brushes

90 hand drawn creative arrow and symbol brushes


Hand Drawn Floral Ornaments Vector and Photoshop Brush

hand drawn floral ornaments vector illustration and photoshop brush

Hand brushes give designers great leverage to showcase a lot of emotions through minimal graphics and maximum impact. These brushes not only help designers with their creativity and scope to experiment, but also provide a get new growing trend of minimal and powerful designs.

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