Texture brushes are simply patterns to make strokes look as if they are painted on textured canvas. Applying texture brushes to your designs create much depth, dimension, and personality instead of it falling flat. We’ve provided you with a huge spectrum of brushes available below and a couple of photoshop brushes. Scroll down below to gain insight and choose from a variety of texture brushes. You might want to get your designing cap and pen tablets ready.

Grunge Brushes

grunge brushes

Distressed Brushes

distressed brushes

Metal Brushes

metal brushes

Paint Brush Stroke Texture

paint texture brushes

Using Texture Brushes

While there are available brushes found on Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, one can say that the difference is explicit. The standard brushes give off a smoother quality, which is not bad, but it gets much better with texture brushes. Since applying texture displays gives a realistic appearance and dimension to the image or work. A perfect example is an image that is too smooth or too “Photoshopped”. The viewer’s eyes just pick it up with how unnatural it may look. So, adding texture gives the consistency of a surface. So experiment to see which works best.


Texture brushes can be modified to your preference. Users can freely change the opacity, color, and even its texture. You can also adjust the angles, the hardness of the brush, scattering, so on and so forth.

If you want to add interesting effects to your work perhaps making it in graffiti or street art style, we got you covered. Here are spray brushes you can use to paint your work in freedom to your style.

Vector Texture Brushes for Illustrator

vector texture brushes illustrator

High-Resolution Photoshop Brushes

high resolution photoshop brushes

Acrylic Textures & Brushes

acrylic textures brushes

Watercolor Brushes

watercolor brushes

Subtle Photoshop Brushes

subtle photoshop brushes

Realistic Pencil Brushes

realistic pencil brushes

Grunge Brushes Texture

grunge brushes texture

Denim Texture Brushes

denim photoshop texture brushes

Set of Handmade Brushes & Textures

set of handmade brushes textures

Cloud Texture Brushes

cloud texture brushes

Drywall Texture Brushes

drywall texture brushes

Subtle Paper Brushes

subtle paper brushes

Brush Up on Brushes

Depending on your design preference and given a creative brief, we round out a couple of texture brushes that we know you’ll going to enjoy using. Here are a few of the ones we have available:

  • If you want to add some muddy, dirty and filthy beauty to your design, Grunge Brushes Texture, Grunge Brushes, Set of Handmade Brushes & Textures and Vector Texture Brushes for Illustrator are great go-to’s. All the brushes are compatible with Illustrator only, except for Grunge Brushes Texture which is compatible with Adobe Photoshop.
  • If you are looking for materials and fabric as textures, look no further. The Wood Texture Brushes, Metal Brushes, Subtle Paper Brushes, Denim Texture Brushes and Drywall Texture Brushes are available at your disposal.
  • If you want to add more illustrations or realistic drawings look to your work, then Realistic Pencil Brushes is for you. These pencil brushes are pressure sensitive and work best on white or light backgrounds.
  • If adding some painterly inspired look to your design is the designated theme, we got you covered with Paint Brush Stroke Texture, Acrylic Textures & Brushes, Watercolor Brushes and Cloud Texture Brushes.
  • If you are very specific with the compatibility of the software, here are texture brushes compatible in Adobe Photoshop: High-Resolution Photoshop Brushes and Subtle Photoshop Brushes. Both textures are in 300 dpi which is good for print and web projects.
  • If you want to add a whole bunch of dibs, dabs, blobs, and strokes to your work, here are high-resolution sponge brushes you can use for current and future designing projects.

When you’ve completed the work, keep in mind to save your works either as CMYK or RGB. If you are to have your work printed, save it as CMYK and if it is used for the web, save it as RGB.

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