Brushes Collection

When it comes to graphic design, brushes can help save you a good amount of time. With a large spectrum of brushes available that range from fabric textures to leaf designs, typography to cloud patterns. You can purchase brushes or use Photoshop CC that comes stocks with a pre-installed set of brushes or grab a few free downloads to make your web designs flourish. Read More

Types of Graphic Design Brushes

For Illustrator, there are four types of brushes as these various brushes offer original behaviors when applied. The Calligraphic brush creates a scribed stroke such as a paintbrush or an ink pen, while the scatter brush defines a vector art that scatters copies of the art across a path. The Art brush is used to stretch across a path while the pattern brush gives you the freedom to specify five defined patterns and distribute along a path.

Sets of Brushes That I Should Consider

Star brushes let you create millions to form a galaxy with various shapes and sizes. Skin brushes are used to soft fine lines and add an elegant touch to photos naturally. Adding splatters and strokes to your designs will great a unique look with splatter effects. Fire brushes allow you to play and experiment with characters, flames and landscapes while Bokeh brushes refer to the feel or appearance of an out of focus area of a photograph. The cool effects are of Japanese origin and sets your design with originality. Using textured Photoshop brush sets allow you to create a natural feel with a large variety of textures, while a splat set consists of 30 large brushes that features spray paint patterns that generate dirty textures or backgrounds.

Free Brushes that are recommended

Look to Brusheezy to check out the latest Photoshop brushes that are 100% free or Designious, which carries vector packs full of brushes, bundles and more freebies included. You will find free High resolution Photoshop brushes to match your designs and even accentuate the colors for an appealing piece.


Here at Design Trends, we’ve got updates on all the latest and top trending designs for brushes that will suit every graphic designer’s needs. Brushes vary from holidays and religions to ink and watercolor with leaves, paper, feathers, and everything in between. Create an eye-catching designer with various musical notes or spray paint for an urban theme.