For digital designs that portray a starry night or an evening scene, different details are always put into place for the artwork to come to life. For a nighttime scene, the greatest detail that’s always present are stars.

Here, we share with you some star Photoshop brushes you can use to create your own star details and a milky galaxy effect as well. You can also check below for more information about these types of brushes and how they can be used, as well as tips on creating your designs.

Galaxy Star Brushes

galaxy star brushes

Night Star Brushes

night star brushes

Lens Flare & Stars PS Brushes

lens flare stars ps brushes

Sparkle Star PS Brushes

sparkle star ps brushes

Space & Star Brushes

space brushes

Collection of Brushes

Using a variety of Photoshop star brushes will help you create and apply star effects quickly, as well as add them to your collection of brushes for future reference. By using star effects in your artwork, you can make your designs look more creative and appealing.

Check out some Photoshop star brushes you can use:

  • Galaxy star brushes. These types of star brushes are often used for paintings or landscapes that portray the Milky Way or paintings that depict space. In these output, stars and the galaxy are the main subject.
  • Night star brushes. You can use these types of star brushes if you wish to create a night scene and want to add star effects in them to make your design look realistic and attractive. You can also add moon effects by using a variety of moon brushes available.
  • Lens flare & star PS brushes. You can often find these types of star brushes used for pictures or landscapes that reflect an afternoon scene just before the sun completely goes out, wherein a lens flare may be used to reflect the sun’s light and some stars to represent the coming of night.
  • Star doodles brushes. These types star brushes are more likely to be found in doodle themed designs where star shapes and moon shapes may look abstract.

Star Effect Brushes

star effect brushes

Abstract Star Brushes

abstract star brushes

Star Doodles Brushes

star doodles brushes

Moon and Stars Brushes

moon and stars brushes

Starry Night Brushes

starry night brushes

Moons Stars Sparkle Brushes

moons stars sparkles brushes

Nebula & Stars Brushes

nebula stars brushes

Where Can You Use These Designs?

Having a variety of Photoshop star brushes can also have its perks, as you can use them for a variety of purposes. Below are some examples on where you can use your Photoshop star brushes:

  • Use them as wallpapers. You can use these types of brushes as wallpapers for your home. Most people would use star wallpapers for their kid’s rooms or play rooms so the children can get to enjoy their room full of stars, galaxy portraits, and moon shapes.
  • Creating cover designs. You can also design invitations and letter covers by applying numerous star effects on them. These are often found for birthday party invitations or invitations that have star or glamour themes.
  • Use them as backgrounds for posters and banners. The most common way to use your star brushes is to create backgrounds out of them, which are most used by designers to make their designs look more unique and attractive. At times, designers will also add some sparkling designs by using sparkling brushes.
  • Use them as menu designs. You can use your star brushes and create menu designs. Some restaurants or cafes tend to use a menu with a starry background during the night to make their establishment look attractive.

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