Space, space exploration and the galaxy have been a source of fascination for humans since centuries. Earlier, designers would use simple stars and planet silhouettes to represent galactic elements. However, today we have galaxy themed brushes in Photoshop! These include planets, stars, moons, galaxies, nebulae, asteroids and even UFO’s!

Beautiful Galaxy Photoshop Brushes

beautiful galaxy brushes

Set of Galaxy Brushes

set of galaxy brushes1

Photoshop galaxy brushes are some of the most abstract brushes print today and are highly trending because of the versatility and opportunity to experiment that they come with. From silhouettes of far-away galaxies, black & white options, colorful and electric designs of galaxies are commonly used and trending.

 High Quaity Space Brushes

stunning galaxy psd brushes

Stars and Galaxy PSD Brushes

collection of stars and galaxies psd brushes

Designers use these Photoshop galaxy brushes to give their designs an extra-terrestrial and universal touch. Galaxies represent mysterious lands and planets that are very far. Therefore these brushes also help designers to make brilliant backgrounds for their web designs and web pages. These brushes also give the designer a huge scope to customize and experiment with the options they have since galaxies are innumerable and don’t possess any particular design or form.

Stars and Galaxy Photoshop Brushes

cool collection of galaxy brushes

Amazing Galaxy PSD Brushes

amazing galaxy psd brushes

Galaxy Space Photoshop Brushes

set of galaxy space photoshop brushes

Dark Galaxy Photoshop Brushes

dark galaxy photoshop brushes

Glowing Stars Galaxy Brushes

drawing of glowing stars galaxy brushes

Sparking Galaxy Photoshop Brushes

sparling galaxy photoshop brushes

Galaxies will always continue to inspire and intrigue humans for many years to come and so designers can keep innovating and experimenting to bring out some brilliant designs with Photoshop galaxy brushes. These brushes also help designers in making their process easier while giving the designs a unique and vibrant look!

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