In old apartments, the bathroom sinks are a fashion nightmare. The generic style is not contributing in any way to the bathroom’s style so maybe it’s a time for a remodel. Upgrade your space with stylish sink designs that range from slick pedestals to glass bowls and bring a new perspective to your bathroom. If you want to find out what options you have regarding bathroom sinks then keep reading for the detailed guide we prepared. You may also see Bathroom Pedestal Sink Designs

Small Bathroom Sinks

A small bathroom is the best way to show your stylistic eye. Choose a wall mounted design or a console sink that will make the space look larger while incorporating smart solutions for towel bars and storage space for essentials. You may also see Bathroom Faucet Designs

Small Modern Bathroom Sink

small modern btahroom sink

Undermount Bathroom Sinks

Undermount sinks come in a great variety of materials ranging from China ceramic to copper and from nickel to gold. You can find these designs in all forms and shapes that will help you design your bathroom with sophisticated style.

Contemporary Undermount Bathroom sink

contemporary undermount bathroom sink

Corner Bathroom Sinks

Sometimes there is limited floor space eliminating your choices for placement. But don’t worry. There are many corner sink designs that are specifically designed for small bathrooms and powder rooms and come in many shapes and materials to choose from. You may also see Bathroom Cabinet Designs

Corner Wall Mount Bathroom Sink

corner wall mount bathroom sink

Modern Bathroom Sinks

Modern designs in sinks have a simple yet enormously elegant vibe that makes them suitable for many bathroom designs. You can choose among many different shapes and materials like porcelain, marble and ceramic that can give you endless stylistic options.

Modern Double Bathroom Sinks

modern double bathroom sinks

Farmhouse Bathroom Sinks

The farmhouse style has a traditional feel that makes pedestal sinks and vessels a great choice for bathroom designs. You can create a beautiful powder room with a deep farmhouse sink in porcelain material with white or gray polished finish.

Traditional Farmhouse Bathroom Sink

traditional farmhouse bathroom sink

Vessel Bathroom Sinks

Vessel designs are the best choices for every bathroom design. You can find them in many shapes ranging from round to rectangular as well as in materials like ceramic, stainless steel and copper that’ll make choosing the right one easy. You may also see Bathroom Mirror Designs

Ceramic Vessel Bathroom Sink

ceramic vessel bathroom sink

Square Bathroom Sinks

From clear glass vessels to hand painted ceramic sinks, you can find many beautiful designs in a square shape. Add a fresh note with a multicolored design in fashionable color combinations that will bring you style and character.

Undermount Square Bathroom Sink

undermount square bathroom sink

Vintage Bathroom Sinks

Vintage sinks range from oval to rectangular covering a great variety of designs for you to choose. With elegant hand drawn designs or with a simple color finish like blue and green, you can find incredible sinks for vintage bathrooms.

Cool Vintage Bathroom Sink

cool vintage bathroom sink

Bathroom Vanity Sinks

In case you have ample space in your bathroom then you can choose a vanity sink design. These designs are ready-made products that you can simply install in your space and upgrading the style of your outdated bathroom sink. You may also see Modern Bathroom Vanity Ideas

White Bathroom Vanity Sink

white bathroom vanity sink

Photo by Putra Indrawan

Rustic Bathroom Sinks

Copper, nickel, gold, and granite are the materials that feature the most in rustic sink designs. You can have a vessel or an under mount sink design that will add a raw feeling to your space bringing personality with rustic mood.

Rustic Bathroom Vanity Sink

rustic bathroom vanity sink

Rectangular Bathroom Sinks

Rectangular sinks have narrow width making them ideal for small bathrooms. But they can look spectacular in master bathrooms too. You can find many different designs that range in finishes and materials like marble, stone, ceramic and glass.

Rectangle Vessel Bathroom Sink

rectangle vessel bathroom sink

Wall Mount Bathroom Sinks

Not much space doesn’t mean no style. You can have a stylish and slick sink design with a wall-mounted solution. You can find wonderful sinks that carry towel bars in a variety of shapes and styles for bigger space illusion.

Modern Wall Mount Bathroom Sink

modern wall mount bathroom sink

Oval Bathroom Sinks

The oval shape for bathroom sinks looks mesmerizing and unique allowing you to decorate your bathroom or your powder room with style. You can find them in many designs and materials like wood, cast iron, stone, and glass.

Simple Oval Bathroom Sink

simple oval bathroom sink

Industrial Bathroom Sinks

All hard surfaces with copper, bronze, glass and nickel finishes are suitable for industrial style bathrooms. You can find many sink designs in vessels, wall mounted or under mount with an oval shape to create the most gorgeous bathroom designs.

Industrial Bathroom Sink Faucets Idea

industrial bathroom sink faucets idea

Round Bathroom Sinks

As a growing trend, the round shaped sinks are here to stay. You can find amazing vessel designs in round shape that will add personality in your space while they will upgrade your bathroom with style and sophisticated elegance.

Round Vessel Bathroom Sink

round vessel btahroom sink

Bathroom sinks are important because they help with everyday life. Designer sinks have an elegant design that looks perfect with specific styles. They add character bringing a fresh tone into a personalized space like this.

Bathroom designs vary in many ways regarding materials used, style and layout. You need to be sure that the sink you are choosing is the right fit for your bathroom. You can choose many materials that can help you to create a mix and match combination with very little effort.

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