Every bathroom requires a mirror. Mirror designs bring style and character in a bathroom creating a stunning look while completing the setting. From shaving to doing your makeup, a mirror is a useful feature that can also have a sleek design that adds to the space’s general design. You can find marvelous pieces of craftsmanship in the following collection. We put together many different designs in order to show you all the different designs available. You may also see Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Bathroom Vanity Mirror Designs

Bathroom vanity mirrors come in a great range of sizes, shapes and designs. You can choose a complex design with an intricate frame that will add style in your space. The shapes available can follow simple designs like round and orthogonal or they can have a creative one adding character.

Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity Mirror Design

farmhouse bathroom vanity mirror design1


Bathroom White Vanity Mirror Design

bathroom white vanity mirror design


Modern Bathroom Mirror Designs

Modern designs feature minimalistic structures. The frames have elegant shapes that range in width bringing you incredible pieces for your bathroom. There are also many mirror designs that have a nonexistent frame incorporating the strong minimalistic style that make the space look futuristic. They are available in every possible shape. You may also see Bathroom Tile Designs

Modern Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

modern bathroom vanity mirrors


Modern Bathroom Wall Mounted Mirror

modern bathroom wall mounted mirror


Rustic Bathroom Mirrors

Reclaimed wood with visible water stains and grains can give you’re the most natural look of rustic style. You can find them in every shape possible ranging from round to square. Creative designs with antlers, old barrels and pallets can give you incredible ideas for diy projects in bathroom mirrors.

Rustic Bathroom Curved Rectangle Mirror

rustic bathroom curved rectangle mirror


Rustic Wood Bathroom Mirror

rustic wood bathroom mirror1


Master Bathroom Mirror Designs

For the master bathroom you can take advantage of the space in order to play with the mirror’s size. You can go for a large piece that will cover the wall above the bathroom’s vanity or you can go for smaller designs to place them right next to each other. You may also see Chalet Bathroom Designs

Master Bathroom Vanity Mirror Design

master bathroom vanity mirror design1


Awesome Master Bathroom Mirror Design

awesome master bathroom mirror design


Oval Bathroom Mirrors

Oval mirrors can help you make your space look different. Depending on the alignment of the mirror you can achieve different results. If the longest length is positioned horizontally then the space will look wider whereas if it’s positioned vertically it will make it look taller that it currently is.

Frameless Oval Bathroom Mirror Design

frameless oval bathroom mirror design1

Photo by Derek Lepper

Large Oval Bathroom Mirror Design

large oval bathroom mirror design


Decorative Bathroom Mirrors

Decorative designs in mirrors provide you with a strong element of art deco that allows you to style your bathroom. These designs can range in material and shape giving you multiple choices to choose from. You can find designs that feature carved wood, tiled frames or etched glass for décor. You may also see Nautical Bathroom Designs

Elegant Decorative Bathroom Mirror Design

elegant decorative bathroom mirror design


Bathroom Wall Mirror Designs

A wall mirror can make your space look larger and brighter. Most of these designs have no frame allowing the design to create a minimalistic atmosphere in your bathroom. Moreover, with wall mirror designs you can style both a single and a double sink vanity bringing extra style in the space.

Bathroom White Frame Wall Mirror Design

bathroom white frame wall mirror design1


Classic Bathroom Wall Mirror Design

classic bathroom wall mirror design

Photo by Kara Weik

Round Bathroom Mirrors

In case you want to create a mixture of shapes in your bathroom then a round mirror will help you get a stunning look. You can go for a large round mirror that will make your bathroom look brighter or your can choose a design with a complex mirror frame.

Round Bathroom Wall Mirror Design

round bathroom wall mirror design


Small Bathroom Mirrors

In a small bathroom you have to choose a practical design that will help you utilize every square inch of the space. A stylish bathroom mirror will allow you to decorate your bathroom with elegance while bringing character to the space. You can go for a frameless design for minimalism. You may also see Penthouse Bathroom Designs

Small Bathroom Vanity Mirror Design

small bathroom vanity mirror design


Vintage Bathroom Mirrors

A vintage mirror can add old world elegance in your bathroom creating a graphic setting. There is a vast selection of designs that will help you find the right fit for your space. You can go for metallic frame with carved elements that create swirls and patterns for extra character.

Vintage Bathroom Wall Mirror Design

vintage bathroom wall mirror design


Corner Bathroom Mirror Designs

Corner mirror designs can be mesmerizing and stylish. You can choose a design that has a bi-fold or tri-fold look that will give character in your bathroom. Additionally you can get a design that offers storage in order to take advantage of all the available space that the corner creates.

Corner Bathroom Vanity Mirror

corner bathroom vanity mirror


Industrial Bathroom Mirrors

Create an industrial styled bathroom with a mirror that has a simple yet elegant metallic frame. You can go for any shape that appeals to your personal tastes while you can also go for a thick wooden frame to add an alternative version of the pure industrial design.

Round Industrial Bathroom Mirror

round industrial bathroom mirror


Bathroom Tile Mirror Ideas

Incorporate tiles in your mirror design in order to achieve a stylish and colorful design. Create an interesting pattern with the tiles adding various materials like glass, ceramic and stone. Alternatively you can get a tile design with pieces of mirror in small square shapes that will create a large piece.

Rectangular Bathroom Tile Mirror

rectangular bathroom tile mirror


Square Bathroom Mirror Designs

Square designs have a lavish look that can transform your bathroom with just the right frame. You can find many designs that feature materials like wood, metal and ceramic, bringing you incredible designs. You can also choose a basic square mirror in order to use for a creative diy project.

Black Frame Square Bathroom Mirror

black frame square bathroom mirror


No matter what size or shape the mirror has, you can bring a sense of high class ambience in your bathroom just by choosing a stylish design. You can go for matching look with your bathroom designs or you can choose a statement piece to work as a focal point.

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