Mirror designs can give you various benefits especially when they have floor length. You can take advantage of their reflective qualities in order to turn a space into a brighter room. You can also use a floor length mirror in order to make a small room look larger or you can just use the mirror to add style in a room. Here you will find a collection of floor mirror designs to get some inspiration. You may also see Mirror Design Ideas

Vintage Floor Mirrors

Vintage mirrors have an ornate design that focuses on the mirror’s frame. The variety of these designs range in materials like iron, bronze and wood, bringing excellent pieces for your house. These floor mirrors look ideal in bedrooms and living rooms.

Vintage Bedroom Floor Mirror

vintage bedroom floor mirror


Rustic Floor Mirrors

In case you want a design with natural attributes then you should go for a rustic mirror design. These designs are made of wooden frame that features visible wood grains making them look natural and stylish at the same time. You may also see Bathroom Mirror Designs

Rustic Turner Floor Mirror

rustic turner floor mirror


Modern Floor Mirror Designs

If your space in following the modern style then you should choose a modern floor mirror too. These designs have a minimalistic layout with simple yet elegant frames that can come in colored versions painted wood, metal and even glass.

Modern Dining Room Floor Mirror

modern dining room floor mirror


Industrial Floor Mirrors

Featuring materials like metal and wood, the industrial floor mirror designs will give you the right amount of style in your space. You can place these designs in every space of your house that needs an extra fabulous design. You may also see Mirrored Furniture Designs

Round Industrial Floor Mirror

round industrial floor mirror


Wooden Floor Mirrors

Wood can come in many designs of floor mirrors and is the most preferred material of many homeowners around the world. You can find them in many styles ranging in minimalistic or carved designs that have a strong decorative element.

Wooden Frame Floor Mirror

wooden frame floor mirror


Bedroom Floor Mirror Ideas

The bedroom is where you get dressed and put your makeup on and that’s where a floor mirror is needed the most. Practical reasons aside, a floor mirror will add style in the room making it look brighter and larger. You may also see Mirrored Nightstand Designs

Transitional Bedroom Floor Mirror

transitional bedroom floor mirror


Contemporary Floor Mirrors

Contemporary mirrors follow the modern design while adding a touch of art deco in your space. You can create a charming setting with a rage floor mirror that will make it look fashionable with a floor mirror in stunning design.

Contemporary Gym Floor Mirror Design

contemporary gym floor mirror design


Luxury Floor Mirrors

If you want to add a luxurious tone to your space then you should get a floor mirror with gold or silver tones on its frame. These designs look amazing in dinner and living rooms giving an elegant and luxurious style.

Luxury Bathroom Floor Mirror

luxury bathroom floor mirror


Metal Floor Mirror Ideas

Metal designs can be incorporated in various styles like industrial, modern and vintage. You will find a great selection of designs that will complement your space creating a stunning setting with charming atmosphere. The shape can range to taste.

Metal Frame Floor Mirror

metal frame floor mirror

Peace Design

Entryway Floor Mirrors

A fashionable entryway requires a design that will amaze your guests and prepare them for what comes next. A floor mirror design will help you create an illusion for small spaces while it will brighten up your entryway with style.

Farmhouse Entryway Floor Mirror

farmhouse entryway floor mirror


Just like the bathroom mirrors, these designs can give you practical use as well as upgrading the space’s aesthetics. The beauty of embellishing your home with floor mirrors derives from their incredible qualities for reflecting the light. Make every space look brighter and inviting with a designer floor mirror piece.

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