Wine storage is a serious matter. If you love enjoying a glass – or two – of wine then you already know the struggle of not having a suitable space to stare. Wine cabinets have the most incredible designs that can match perfectly your space while providing you with a stylish design and a safe way to store your precious wine. Today we are going to honor wine rack designs with a collection of stylish storage ideas. You may also See Executive Desk Designs

Curved Wine Rack Designs

A curved wine rack will allow you to add style in your space while taking advantage of a curvy wall surface. If your space has a natural curve on one side you can adorn it with a designer curved rack.

curved wine rack designs

Brandon Architects, Inc.

Hanging Wine Rack Designs

If your want your wine bottles on display then you can do it with a hanging wine rack. The designs available have taken the design to new levels adding a strong decorative element on these stunning racks incorporating every style.

hanging wine rack designs

Marilyn Ashley Design Associates, Inc.

Modern Wine Rack Designs

If you want to bring more style in your house with a functional decorative design then you should go for a modern wine rack. These designs have a strong minimalist design that can make your kitchen look complete and stylish.

modern wine rack designs


Pallet Wine Racks

Pallets can be used for everything. As wine racks, pallets can give you an elegant way to show off your creativity as well as your tastes in wine flavors. You can go for a retro style with a fashionable rack.

pallet wine racks

RVGP Photo+Graphics

Cabinet Wine Rack Designs

From modern to eccentric and from traditional to rustic, a cabinet wine rack is sure to make your kitchen look spectacular. Additionally, there are many portable cabinet designs for wine storage that will look amazingly in your living room area.

cabinet wine rack designs

Weedman Design Partners

Built-In Wine Rack Ideas

Built in designs have a charming look that makes the space look pleasant and elegant. You can choose a built-in wine rack that will make your space look incredible while they can have any shape and form you like.

built in wine rack ideas

MILAN cabinetmakers

Kitchen Wine Rack Ideas

There are so many spots inside a kitchen that you can install your wine rack. The key is to make your space look stylish while incorporating an interesting feature like a wine rack. Choose a matching design for extra personality.

kitchen wine rack ideas

Wooden Wine Racks

Store your wine with a stylish design that will add warmth in your space. Wood is a material that can transform even the coldest of rooms into a softer version. You can find many portable rack designs in all styles.

wooden wine racks

Remanente Design LTD

Small Wine Racks

Small wine rack designs add a sophisticated design. They can be portable or wall mounted and made of various materials like wood and metal. Subtle designs will give you elegance while a statement piece will work as a focal point. You may also See Writing Desk Designs

small wine racks

crbs co.

Corner Wine Rack Designs

Corner rack designs take advantage of the unused space turning it into a useful and functional space. Store your wine with a startling rack design in metal or wood following the room’s style in order to retain the space’s ambiance.

corner wine rack designs

Elms Interior Design

Rustic Wine Racks

Old and reclaimed wood is the most fashionable choice to use for a rustic space. The visible grains alongside with the worn wood designs have a subtle way of upgrading your space effortlessly while providing you with ample wine storage.

rustic wine racks

Beyond Beige Interior Design Inc.

DIY Wine Rack Ideas

You can take a thick wood plank and make holes on it large enough so the bottle’s neck can fit. Mount the rack on the wall or add a wide base to turn it into a free standing rack design.

diy wine rack ideas

Mitchell Barnett Architect, PC

Floor Wine Racks

Floor wine racks are remarkable pieces that you can place in every room inside or outside of your house. The designs range in style, shape, and form, giving you many exceptional choices with both metallic and wooden frame rack designs.

floor wine racks

Yaniv Schwartz - Photographer

Restaurant Wine Rack Designs

In order to achieve a restaurant wine rack design, you need to add recessed lighting. This will help you accentuate your rack while adding an artistic touch. You can go for a floor to ceiling that’ll cover an entire wall.

restaurant wine rack designs

Jeri Koegel Photography

Vintage Wine Racks

I case you want to get an all time classic style you can find a vintage design that will add personality in your space. You can go for an antique wine rack that will bring a startling personality in your space. You may also See White Desk Designs

vintage wine racks

Smith Firestone Associates

Even if you don’t have your own wine cellar, you can get a small portion of its elegance with a wine rack. You can place it anywhere from the kitchen to the dining room and from the entranceway to the living room in order to enjoy your most favorite drink.

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