Bathroom towel design is an uncommon subject for most; however, it is significant to have enough space to hang and store towels. Hanging towels near the way area has been pretty old-fashioned, as people tend to use different type of towels for varied purposes in the recent times.

Wine Rack Towel Holder With White Towels

wine rack towel holder with white towels

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Charlotte Jenks Lewis

Bathroom Vanity with Tiffany Blue Towel

bathroom vanity with tiffany blue towel

Photo By: Photo Courtesy: Dan Piassick

Gray Contemporary Bathroom With Gray Towel

gray contemporary bathroom with gray towel

Photo By: Ebby Halliday Realtors

Bathroom areas are compact in modern home designs; thereby, they require planning to fit all wash items in limited spaces. Assembling bars for towels behind the bathroom door is an effective way to use space efficiently and curb out the space shortage issues.

Bathroom Towel With Fun Colors and Patterns

bathrom towel with fun colors and patterns

Photo By: Maura McEvoy

Poolside Spa Bathroom with Red Towel

poolside spa bathroom with red towel

Photo By: Kathy Best

Modern Bathroom With Cute Mirror Cling and Red Towels

modern bathroom with cute mirror cling and red towels

Photo By: Brian Kellogg

Transitional Bathroom with Colorful Towel

transitional bathroom with colorful towel

Contemporary Bathroom with Bright White Towel

contemporary bathroom with bright white towel

You can adjust up to three such bars behind the door that provides single or flat-panelled crisp frame. Fixing these bars become a lot easier on the wooden doors rather them having them drilled into wallboard or plastered or concrete walls. Another effective way is to arrange a linen closet.

Beach Style Powder Room With Simple Towels

beach style powder room with simple towels

Contemporary Bathroom Different Color Towels

contemporary bathroom different color towels

Pink Bathroom With Orange Bath Sheet

pink bathroom with orange towel

Small Bathroom with Gray Pattern Towel

small bathroom with gray pattern towel

 Simple Bathroom Room with Gray Towel

simple bathroom room with gray towel

Designed Bathroom with Face Wash Towel

designed bathroom with face wash towel

Traditional Bathroom With Plain White Towels

traditional bathroom with plan white towels

Traditional Powder Room With Vibrant Blue Towel

traditional powder room with vibrant blue towel

Luxury Bathroom With Set Of Towels

luxury bathroom with set of towels

Modern Bathroom with White Piece of Towels

modern bathroom with white piece of towels

Decent Bathroom with Pair of Towels

decent bathroom with pair of towels

Elegant Bathroom Towel Designs

elegant bathroom towel designs

Tiny Bathroom With Brown Set of Towels

tiny bathroom with brown set of towels

Beach Style Bathroom with Yellow Towels

beach style bathroom with yellow towels

Apply the rule of the thumb here. Hang towels to the bars that are in use, and arrange the remaining inside the linen closet to save space and enhance tidiness of the bathroom. Make use of towel colors that compliment your modern bathroom walls. For instance, if you have a pastel/white painted bathroom, then make use pink, baby blue or beige color towels.

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