Is designing a small sized bathroom a difficult ball game for you? Don’t worry, the small size is never a hindrance when it comes to decoration especially when there are so many inspiring spaces managing designs available and discussed below. Some DIY Techniques of customizing the bathroom also deliver pretty results.

Functional Bathroom Idea

funtional bathroom ideas

Designed By : Atmosphere Interior Design Inc.

A functional bathroom with the required accessories and bath wares can culminate to be a perfect bathroom in terms of utility.  A minimalistic decor includes proper wall and floor tiling in the best color themes, a wooden vanity consisting of a large mirror, towel storage space, and a white dove countertop. Elegant bright lights are required in small bathrooms to create a spacious illusion.

Small Bathroom Storage Design

small bathroom storage ideas

When things like toilet rolls, towels, napkins, soaps and many others are required to be stored, a large wooden bathroom cabinet with systematic storage pockets can steer clear any chances of shabby look in an overfilled small bathrooms.

Small Bathroom Idea

small bathroom ideas

A small bathroom with elegant and rich, textured tiles can create a rich experience. Also, the hygiene considerations can be taken care of with the help of the glass panel separating the shower area from the commode.

Diy Small Bathroom Remodel

diy small bathroom remodel

Heavy investment in changing the bathroom fixtures can be expensive. Some DIY remodeling ideas can include giving a good paint to the bathroom, some polishes to the vanity. Some cheap tricks to beautify like a decorative stone filled racks for placing basin soap and some fragrant incense sticks on the vanity also work well for a bathroom.

Small Shower Remodel Design

small shower remodel design

Designed By : Charisma Design

An excellent trend catching up is tiling the shower area in beautiful patterns with mosaic or granites bearing a natural sheen and design. Some plain tiles with some exclusive textured tiles in the center panel look eye catchy for a small shower area containing a small shower and some lights.

Pink and White Small Bathroom Design

pink and white small bathroom design

Design By: trg-architects

The mobile homes are also trying to fabricate the home bathroom decor in the best manner possible. From beautiful marble tiling for walls and countertops, shielding the shower area with glass panel, using exclusive lighting fixtures and amazing frames for the mirror, the bathroom remodeling in mobile homes can be done in an integrative manner.

Tiny Bathroom Remodel 

tiny bathroom remodel

A wall of a tiny bathroom can be completely reserved for storage vanity in a cabinet style along with some space for a commode. Such arrangement and positioning can give a neat look to the bathroom. A small brick type tiling backsplash looks unique along with a large mirror giving the tiny space an illusionary larger dimension.   

Small Bathroom Vanity Remodel Idea

bathroom vanity remodel idea

Design By : lorddesign

The bathrooms get an imperial touch with the best vanity furniture. Mostly carved in wood with drawers having designer knobs or open storage panels, they always give a clean and spotless look to the bathroom. Cute lighting fixtures, countertop tiling with white granite base having light pink shaded texture, and flower vases can give a majestic appeal to the whole bathroom.

Old Bathroom Remodel Design

old bathroom remodel design

The old bathroom can be tossed over in terms of appeal and look with some makeover. Replacing the old fixtures with some modern wooden vanity and exclusive lighting fixtures including chandeliers, having wood framed mirrors, glass paneled shower area; cross glazed windows can create a much wanted modern renovation.

Bathroom Remodel Storage Idea

bathroom remodel storage idea

A small corner near the shower area can become a great open racked storage area for towels, napkins, and such bathroom accessories. A two toned mosaic stone and glass brick backsplash and a small window pane in the shower area can keep the bathroom bright and airy.  

Small White Traditional Bathroom

small white traditional bathroom

Design By : Peter Bales

Small Bathroom with Marble Tiles

marble stone bathroom design

Small Eclectic Style Bathroom

small eclectic style bathroom

Traditional Bathroom Design

traditional small bathroom idea

Small Beach Style Bathroom

small beach style bathroom

Dark Brown Bathroom Design

dark brown bathroom design

Small bathrooms can be fully equipped with the right designing which fits in the budget.

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