Bathroom shelves have a major impact in ensuring a clutter-free space and maintaining cleanliness. Adding a shelf can quickly give your bathroom a fresh new look while ensuring all your amenities are correctly placed. While bathroom shelves just like dining room shelves designs provide adequate storage space, choosing the ideal one can be overwhelming. That is why we have narrowed down the list to give you 15 unique bathroom shelve designs that are practical to meet your lifestyle needs. You may also see Bathroom Floating Shelves

Bathroom Wall Shelves

Bathroom wall shelves work to make use of the available space. So even if you have a small bathroom, you can still install a shelf to store bathroom items. While the size and height determine how many items you can place, go for a design that meets your bathroom needs.

Bathroom Floating Wall Shelves Design

bathroom floating wall shelves design

White Bathroom Wall Shelves

white bathroom wall shelves

Bathroom Vanity Shelves Ideas

Bathroom vanity shelves must be resistant to moisture while still maintain their practicality. Plywood designs are sturdier than glued shelves. Placing them on a wall makes it easier to clean the bathroom floor and ensure they stand up to the frequent moisture. You may also see Bathroom Storage Designs

Apartment Bathroom Vanity Shelves Idea

apartment bathroom vanity shelves idea

Design by Martin Hulala

Floating Bathroom Shelves Ideas

Do you want to display all your bathroom items? If yes, then floating bathroom shelves are perfect for you. They work to make the bathroom airy, tidy and neat. To make your space appear larger then opt for white floating shelves.

Wooden Floating Bathroom Shelves

wooden floating bathroom shelves

Glass Bathroom Shelves

Glass bathroom shelves have a classy look that is hard not to notice. They are ideal for modern houses as the clear glass surface will showcase all your amenities. They also have a reflective property that will disperse light around the room making space appear larger. You may also see Bathroom Corner Cabinet Designs

Modern Glass Bathroom Shelves

modern glass bathroom shelves

Rustic Bathroom Shelves

Rustic bathroom shelves tend to emphasize a natural outdoor look. Most of these shelves are made of wood, glass, and the top can even feature a clay material. Metal shelves are also a great option for achieving a rustic look.

Rustic Wood Bathroom Shelves

rustic wood bathroom shelves

Bathroom Corner Shelves

Make use the available space in the dead bathroom corner by adding a shelf. Those triangular in shape will fill up the corner nicely. For an elegant look, opt to purchase a shelf that comes with a matching bench of the same material and color. You may also see Bathroom Base Cabinet Designs

Traditional Bathroom Corner Shelves

traditional corner bathroom shelves

DIY Bathroom Shelves

Instead of sticking to the standard shelves, why not show your creativity and style by opting for DIY rack designs.  All you need is to get your inspiration from old or upcycled items. You can add a vintage mirror next to the shelf to make the bathroom practical.

DIY Bathroom Wall Shelves Idea

diy bathroom wall shelves idea

Wooden Bathroom Shelves

Wooden shelves are the most popular designs in most bathrooms. There are so many wood shades that you can choose from cherry, oak, walnut to maple. Wood tends to contain a finish that makes them water resistant.

Contemporary Wooden Wall Shelves

contemporary wooden wall shelves

Small Bathroom Shelves

Small bathroom shelves are perfect for storing a few essential items. They are ideal for small bathrooms which are limited on space. To add colors to your bathroom go for cherry shelves which come in red undertones. You may also see Bathroom Cabinet Designs

Small Bathroom Corner Shelves

small bathroom corner shelves

Bathroom Closet Shelves Ideas

Bathroom cabinet shelves may complement other fixtures or stand out as the focal point. Apart from having storage functionality, they also improve the visual appeal of the bathroom. Shelves with a rotating center can make it easier to reach all your items.

Small Bathroom Closet Shelves Idea

small bathroom closet shelves idea

Built-In Bathroom Shelves

A well designed built-in bathroom cabinets will not only give you the added space to store your amenities but also improve the tidiness of the room. If you frequently soak in the bathtub, then shelves that can accommodate towels are ideal.

Simple Built-In Wall Bathroom Shelves

simple built in wall bathroom shelves

Modern Bathroom Shelves

When selecting modern bathroom shelves, those in neutral colors or minimalist design can complement your modern fixtures. Simple shelves design will leave your bathroom fresh and clutter free making it a place even for relaxing. Add white or gray towels to complete the look.

Modern Wooden Bathroom Shelves

modern wooden bathroom shelves

White Bathroom Shelves Ideas

White bathroom shelves will make your space appear larger hence are perfect for small spaces. The color will also match with a white bathtub and most bathroom floors and walls.

WhiteBuilt-In Wall Bathroom Shelves

white bulit in wall bathroom shelves

Metal Bathroom Shelves

The sparkle in metal shelves can turn your bathroom space from looking ordinary to classy. Stainless steel shelves are popular as they are easy to clean, will withstand frequent use and adds beauty to the bathroom.

Lowes Metal Bathroom Shelves

lowes metal bathroom shelves

How Bathroom Shelves are Useful and Tips to Decorate the Shelves

The best way to improve the functionality of your bathroom is to add shelves. They save on space while making your toiletries easier to see and access. They also work to decorate the bathroom and store other small items such as medicine out of reach of children. If you have a family, install your shelf in a strategic place that children can reach their toothbrushes or toothpaste. Glass shelves provide a classy look while hardwood designs are durable.

With many bathroom options, you need to choose a design that acts as a storage space while accentuating the beauty of the room. They help organize your toiletries to ensure a neat and easy to move space. You can choose from a small shelf of storing a few products to a large design.

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