We might not spend lots of time in bathrooms, however storage space is always necessary. From personal hygiene products to towels, you can store many things in your bathroom with the use of cabinet designs. These designs range in material, style and size allowing you to choose the one that fits exactly your needs. For today’s post, we scoured out the web and found a collection of bathroom storage ideas to share with our readers. You may also see Bathroom Shelf Designs

Bathroom Storage Cabinets

Depending on the size of your bathroom, you can choose the appropriate size for your cabinet. The storage space might be divided in inner shelves that will help you organize your personal things while you can choose a glass front. You may also see Stylish Bathroom Storage Designs

Bathroom White Storage Cabinets

bathroom white storage cabinets


Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

If your bathroom is small then the best solution is the wall mounted cabinets or floating shelves. You can also choose a sink vanity with storage space that will help you keep your bathroom organized and neat. You may also see Bathroom Corner Cabinet Designs

Small Bathroom Vanity Storage

small bathroom vanity storage


Bathroom Wall Storage

You can take advantage of the vertical free space for storage purposes as well as for decorating reasons. Floating shelves can be placed on every wall offering you storage space for bathroom essentials and towels.

Bathroom Built-In Wall Storage Design

bathroom built in wall storage design


Bathroom Towel Storage

From open to closed cabinets and from floating shelves to hanging baskets you can get inspired for towel storage. Be creative and experiment with various ideas before you choose a solution, though you can always change things at any time. You may also see Bathroom Floating Shelves Designs

Corner Bathroom Towel Storage

corner bathroom towel storage


DIY Bathroom Storage

Floating shelves and hanging baskets are the easiest DIY storage solutions for your bathroom. You can also repurpose an old piece of furniture in order to use it in your bathroom for storage purposes as well as for decorative reasons.

DIY Bathroom Wall Storage

diy bathroom wall storage


Corner Bathroom Storage

With a corner cabinet, you will be able to take advantage of an empty corner. You can find incredible designs on the market in natural or manufactured wood that will complete the style and the general look of the bathroom.

Wooden Corner Bathroom Storage

wooden corner bathroom storage


Bathroom Vanity Storage

All bathroom vanities offer storage space, so make sure that you choose a design with cabinets and drawers. This will help you organize your bathroom while having a stylish design to complete the look with a focal point.

White Bathroom Vanity Storage

white bathroom vanity storage


Modern Bathroom Storage

If your bathroom is styled with modern designs then you can have a modern storage design. With shelves or designer cabinets you can choose a design in a matching color scheme or in a statement design that will stand out.

Modern Bathroom Vanity Storage

modern bathroom vanity storage

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White Bathroom Storage

White bathrooms have a bright look that can brighten up your mood. Choose a matching white cabinet design in order to maintain the color scheme as well as to complete the bathroom’s look. Available in many styles to choose from.

Traditional White Bathroom Storage

traditional white bathroom storage


Hanging Bathroom Storage

From baskets to shelves and from cabinets to racks you can find many options for hanging storage solutions. All you need is imagination and creative spirit in order to achieve a unique look for your master bathroom or powder room.

Simple Hanging Bathroom Storage

simple hanging bathroom storage


Metal Bathroom Storage

Racks and baskets come in many materials. The metallic versions add style and personality while they can give an excellent industrial style. Choose designs that are resistant to humidity in order to maintain their beauty for years.

Cool Metal Bathroom Storage

cool metal bathroom storage


Vintage Bathroom Storage

Vintage designs have an antique quality that makes them ideal for bathrooms with a classic look. You can find many incredible designs in vintage cabinets, racks and shelves providing you with stylish storage space. Available in many designs, made of wood.

Vintage Wall Bathroom Storage

vinatge wall bathroom storage


Tiered Bathroom Storage

Tiered designs come in baskets or shelve forms giving you depth and style. These designs come in many styles while the materials can range from metal to wood with a great amount of variations in their design and storage solutions.

Simple Tiered Bathroom Storage

simple tiered bathroom storage


Wood Bathroom Storage

If you aim for a natural look then you should go for wood. As a versatile material, wood will look incredible in shelves and cabinets giving you a stylish design with a classic look to make your bathroom warm and inviting.

Rustic Wood Bathroom Storage

rustic wood bathroom storage


Kid’s Bathroom Storage

Choose a colorful open cabinet in order to keep your kid’s bathroom organized. Additionally, in case you have more than one kids then you can divide the give one shelve to each kid allowing them to lace their own things.

Kid’s Bathroom Vanity Storage

kids bathroom vanity storage


From simple shelves to floor cabinets you can find many bathroom designs that will give you ample storage space. Bring color and style in your bathroom with a clever and unique storage solution. No matter what bathroom storage you choose we are sure that it will look perfect and fashionable.

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