Isn’t a splendid feminine bathroom every girl’s dream? Yes, of course, a splendid bathroom designed with all the feminine charm can make the best part of a girl’s bedroom. Right from color choices to accessorizing and architecture, a lot goes into giving the bathrooms a girlish appeal and charm. Some exclusive Feminine Bathroom designs enlisted here are promising and refreshing and a delicate treat for the eyes.

Traditional Feminine Bathroom Design

traditional feminine bathroom design

Grandeur can be achieved in a feminine bathroom even with some traditional designed walls and fixtures. The basic accessorizing for traditional bathrooms though minimal, the style quotient evokes from the beautifully shaped tubs, carvings on the handles of cabinets, embellished mirror trims. Some beautiful lights and a couple of murals on the subtle white walls can be an ideal hit combination bathroom design.

Elegant Award Winning Feminine Bathroom

elegant award winning feminine bathroom

Designed By : Ernesto Garcia

The luxury of having a large bathroom is undoubtedly a boon as it can be decorated well and also gives a royal outlook. The award winning designs combine elegance and panache in terms of space arrangement and choice of fixtures that do not overcrowd the space with a lot of accessories. The see-through curtains, carpets, long mirrors on the makeup vanity, marbled walls enrich and give a polished look to the bathrooms.

Classic Lighting Feminine Bathroom

classic lighting feminine bathroom

The varieties of bathroom lights create a dream-like environ and can leave one spellbound. Beautiful chandeliers or ornate lighting fixtures can brighten the whole setup including the tub area. These lights transform even ordinary designed bathrooms into a classic one.

Vintage Stone Feminine Bathroom

vintage stone feminine bathroom

Designed By : Amelie de Gaulle Interiors

The modern bathrooms are now transforming in color themes and textures. The vintage stones used in bathrooms augur a sexy and rustic appeal and also make the feminine bathrooms look antique. Stone wash basin, tubs are in vogue and are completely customized renovation ideas for the bathrooms.

Princess Feminine Bathroom Design

princes feminine bathroom design

A cute princess bathroom inspired from tales of Cinderella can be an ultimate idea for the darling princess baby or to pamper your princess wife. With see through curtains on windows, a special bath tub, large mirrors, some flower decorations and some girlish pink hues here and there, the girls will love the glamorous bathing treat.

Luxury Feminine Bathroom Idea with Cabinets

luxury feminine bathroom idea with cabinates

A bathroom without cabinets can be incomplete. The homely feel is best imparted to the bathrooms when it has the necessary storage space. Thus, wonderful interiors consisting of the best-decorated shower area, tiling and wall decor can be accompanied with wooden cabinets for the ultra feminine and luxurious bathroom delight.

Stone Wall Feminine Bathroom Idea

stone wall feminine bathroom idea

The stone walls can make a feminine bathroom look chic and smart. The stone use can be extended even to the bathtubs, cabinets. The beautiful natural hues of marble stones leave little need for any kind of painting jobs.

Light Pink Background Bathroom Design

light pink background bathroom design

The pink is the best choice for a girly bathroom. The master bathroom with light pink tones on the walls can completely give it a girlish makeover. The properly separated bath tub area from the toilet can give a clean and polished interior framework too.

Contemporary Wooden Feminine Bathroom

contemporary wooden feminine bathroom

The wooden furniture can accentuate the look of a contemporary feminine bathroom. The wood floors or ceilings also deliver a vintage appeal. The makeup vanity, a small couch, storage cabinets made of wood in the bathroom also deliver a lot of conveniences.

Beautiful Brentwood Feminine Bathroom

beautiful brentwood feminine bathroom e1466769713197

The sophistication delivered by Brentwood for bathroom furniture is best complimented with large beautiful wall murals or wallpapers. Large mirrors as also magnifying mirrors in the makeup area, a gold trim on the mirrors, a corner bathtub can sparkle up a small bathroom space and are ideas worth stealing.

Pretty Girls Bathroom Design

pretty girls bathroom design

Transitional Bathroom with Pink Tub

transitional bathroom with pink tub

Rustic Modern Bathroom Design

rustic modern bathroom design

Photo by Kelly Baron

Traditional Bathroom with Decorative Wall

traditional bathroom with decorative wall1

Stephen Alexander Homes

Kids Bathroom Decorating Idea

kids bathroom decorating idea

Rejoy Interiors, Inc

Simple Bathroom with White Roof

simple bathrom with white roof

Feminine Bathroom Ceiling Light Idea

feminine bathroom ceiling light idea

Quill Decor

Vintage Style Bathroom with White Countertop

vintage style bathroom with white countertop

Shabby Chic Style Bathroom

shabby chic style bathroom


Luxurious Bathroom Chandelier Design

luxurious bathroom chandelier design

Lavish Bathroom with Marble Floor

lavish bathroom with marble floor

Small and big bathrooms definitely can render a great experience and ambiance with the best feminine designs and charm. Hope you liked our compilation. We would love to hear if you have something unique to share.

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