If you are one of the several people who enjoy a practical and timeless property, you are in the right place. Open bathroom with rose gold tapware might seem like a very interesting and attractive feature on a Pinterest board but it doesn’t go well with the timelessness of a home.

Therefore, today we have come up with an interesting post that talks about the 5 interior design trends that you should strictly stay away from while remodelling your space.

1. Unpractical Bathrooms

unpractical bathrooms

Over the top, huge bathrooms might look like a beautiful widespread featured in design magazines but the trend doesn’t go well in the conventional market. Generally, low maintenance, practical bathrooms with simple showers placed adjacent to baths is what is being appreciated by the public. Having a bathroom in every corner of the house is another big no-no, we mean, who has time to clean them all. 2½ bathrooms (the main bathroom, ensuite and separate toilet) is more than sufficient for a four-bedroom home.

2. Home Dominant With Pink

home dominant with pink

Blush pink might be the colour of the season but having too much of it in the home! That’s something we will have to think through. A home that is too frilly, sparkly and girly can sometimes come out as too feminine and become monotonous very soon. Try and include splashes of colours through the accessories and decor items such as cushions and homeware items.

3. Cement Floors

cement floors

Concrete floors, once an industrial material have now found a place in the residential households. Although this material adds a modern aesthetic to the place, they can also come out as cold and dull. Therefore, if you are adamant on using the material, make sure to complement the material with other bright coloured furnishing pieces.

4. Themed Rooms

themed rooms

Some themed rooms stand great individually but they might not match or pair well with the theme of your home. Make sure to keep the feel of your home in mind before making an impulsive decor decision. If not properly decorated, the room can come out as overly themed or overly decorative. Make sure to keep a link and sync in the style and decor of your entire place so that there is a balance in the features of your home.

5. Pendant Lights

pendant lights

Statement pendant lights can over time lose its charm and can come out as a complicated style. Although there are a lot of designs and style in the market, we think the lights hold a limited future in artwork spaces. Make sure to choose wisely, as overuse can date the space and can also be very tedious to clean and maintain. Keep it fresh and make an impact with a classic that suits the architecture.

Make sure to play smart while decorating your home as unlike wardrobe you cannot update your home every season.

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