Gym designs are not restricted to aesthetics; they should be safe for gym users. Whether it is your small workout setup at home or a proper Gym you can enjoy your workout with well planned and safe Gyms which are also visually appealing. Here are a few design ideas which can transform your gym into a place you would want to spend your time at.

Gym Interior Designs

Smart utilization of space is the most important part of gym interiors. Placement of different workout machines should be such that it does not interfere with other activities. A separate section for weight training with required benches add to the accessibility. Perfect flooring is another factor which cannot be ignored. You can use carpet or skid free wooden tiling to cover your gym floor. Maintain the aesthetics to make it more interesting to members.

Home Gym Interior Design

home gym interior design

Design by Heritage Hills Colorado

Fitness Gym Interior Design

fitness gym interior design

Platinum Series by Mark Molthan

Crossfit Gym Interior Design

crossfit gym interior design

Garage Gym Designs

The best part about garage is that you have ample of space. Dedicate a corner for squat rack and barbells with a bench for your weight training. The wall beside the rack can be used to set up a rack for dumbbells. Your weight training area should be carpeted. Use the free space to set up a treadmill and other cardio workouts.

Garage Gym Equipment Idea

garage gym equipment idea

Design by John Kraemer & Sons

Garage Gym Flooring Design

garage gym flooring design

Gym Floor Designs

Gym floor carpet tiles are a perfect solution to protect gym floor. They are available in large size and can be easily set and removed. Another safe option is heavy duty Gym rubber mats. They can be used in both commercial as well as home Gyms. One more option is interlocking rubber foam tiles which are available in different colours.

Home Gym Floor Design

home gym floor design

Design by Bruno Abisror - Brentwood Realtor

Rubber Gym Floor Design

rubber gym floor design

Design by Surefield

Commercial Gym Designs

Wall to wall carpeting is good to protect the floor from obvious wear and tear in Gym. Use of extra skid free rubber mat in weight training area assures extra safety. It is preferable to glue the rubber mat to avoid any movement during weight training. Good lighting plays an important role in making the gym more attractive. A gym should have multiple options for workouts so that different people can do the same workout at the same time.

Commercial Gym Flooring Design

commercial gym flooring design

Nadia Designs

Commercial Gym Interior Design

commercial gym interior design

Basement Gym Designs

All you need to convert your basement into a beautiful gym is your gym equipment and proper planning. Use rubber mats for flooring; you can also opt for a concrete floor. You basement gym should be well lit. Set up your equipment maintaining a safe distance. Properly arrange the dumbbells and gym ball in one corner.

Basement Home Gym Design

basement home gym design

Basement Gym Lighting Design

basement gym lighting design

Outdoor Gym Designs

If you were thinking your Gym should always be within four walls you were wrong. Set up an amazing pool side gym. Set up you gym equipment in your pool side deck or covered patio. Work your sweat our while breathing in fresh air.

Outdoor Gym Mat Design

outdoor gym mat design


Gym Bathroom Designs

Gym bathrooms should have arrangements for people to sit and remove their gym shoes. It should have changing cubicles, showers, steam and sauna as well. To enhance the experience many gyms do have fresh towels for their members. Gym bathroom should also have lockers for members to keep their belongings.

Home Gym Bathroom Design

home gym bathroom design

Design by Candice Olson

Gym Bathroom Flooring Design

gym bathroom flooring design

Modern Gym Designs

Modern gyms have a lot of functionalities and innovative accessories as compared to traditional gyms. Modern gyms are multipurpose and flexible to accommodate different types of workouts. They have separate sections for cardio, weight training and floor exercise. Wall art, attractive lighting, and beautiful workout machines make them even more welcoming.

Modern Home Gym Design

modern home gym design

Modern Gym Interior Design

modern gym interior design

Modern Gym Equipment Design

modern gym equipment design

Design by Studio Bergtraun Architects

Small Home Gym Designs

It is ok if you have really small space at home for Gym. Place your treadmill at one side. Fix a weight rack to manage weights and leave some free space to spread your mat for floor exercises. Your small home Gym is ready.

Small Space Home Gym Design

small space home gym design

Small Home Gym Decorating Idea

small home gym decorating idea

Luxury Gym Designs

A personal Gym is nothing but luxury. A spacious room with carpeted floor, well-placed gym equipment, and a television on the wall gives you the personal touch. Textures walls embellished with frames and a side counter with sufficient storage and water. Everything personalized as per your requirement and taste.

Luxury Home Gym Design

luxury home gym design

Luxury Gym Equipment Design

luxury gym equipment design


Home Boxing Gym Designs

A boxing set up does not require much space. All you need is free space for uninhibited leg movement. You should consider matting as a concrete floor can be tuff on your joints during skipping and other strengthening drills. Set up weight if you want to combine it with weight training. Hang your punch bag and start.

Home Boxing Gym Equipment Design

home boxing gym equipment design

Small Home Boxing Gym Design

small home boxing gym design

Photo by Jeri Koegel

Crossfit Home Gym Designs

The most important things in a cross fit gym is weight lifting barbells. You need bumper plates to increase or decrease weights and a power rack with pull up bars. Once you have set this up. Dedicate one side of your cross fit gym for dumbbells and kettle bells. Don’t forget a bench press to carry out your weight training correctly.

Crossfit Home Gym Interior Design

crossfit home gym interior design

Gym Lighting Designs

Gyms should look clean and spacious. Proper lighting enhances the brightness. The ceiling should be painted in pale or faint shades to reduce the contrast glare from ceiling luminaires. Instead of bright tube lights using LED panels make for a more soothing lighting option.

Home Gym Lighting Design

home gym lighting design

Small Gym Lighting Design

small gym lighting design

Traditional Home Gym Designs

Wooden floor, bright walls, separate matting for each gym equipment and weight training section make for a more traditional kind of set up. There will a treadmill, a walker, cycle, step up bars, gym ball and a mat for floor exercises.

Traditional Home Gym Interior Design

traditional home gym interior design

Traditional Home Gym Chandelier Design

traditional home gym chandelier design

Farmhouse Gym Designs

In a large farm house gym you have enough space to accommodate everything. Apart from your usual gym set up, you can use the beams to hang your punch bag, gymnast’s rings and can set up gym foams below to avoid accidents.

Farmhouse Gym Floor Design

farmhouse gym floor design

Farmhouse Gym Equipment Design

farmhouse gym equipment design

Rustic Gym Designs

If planned well you can have an entire rustic climbing wall install in your home gym. Give your gym room a rustic look with wooden floor and full size mirrors on the wall. Set up a TV and stereo system and you can use this space for your favourite workout; aerobics, dance or weight training.

Rustic Gym Wall Design

rustic gym wall design

Rustic Home Gym Design

rustic home gym design

Contemporary Home Gym Designs

A contemporary room with glass walls and wooden floor and mirror not only creates an illusion of a spacious area but also keep the room bright with natural light seeping through glass doors. Wooden walls and carpeted floor with neatly arranged equipment creates neat looks.

Contemporary Home Gym Decorating Idea

contemporary home gym decorating idea

Design by Gaetano Hardwood Floors

Contemporary Home Gym Equipment Design

contemporary home gym equipment design

Gym Wall Designs

Experiment with your gym walls. Keep them cosy with wooden finish or opt for concrete walls. For a more rustic look you can also go for stone walls. A brick wall adds style to any space. Keep once wall for full size mirror.

Gym Wall Mirrors

gym wall mirrors

Design by Sullivan Stevens Henry Oggero

Home Gym Wall Design

home gym wall design

Mediterranean Gym Designs

Set up your gym in the midst of stylish Mediterranean interiors. Low roof beams, full size glass windows and stone tiles on floor. Use indoor plants in your Gym to add freshness to otherwise mechanical interiors.

Mediterranean Gym Interior Design

mediterranean gym interior design

Photo by Envision Virtual Tours

Mediterranean Gym Floor Design

mediterranean gym floor design

Design by Link Construction & Developments

Transitional Gym Designs

Sometimes you just need a little activity to assure a good health. Before converting your space a transitional gym think about the activities that you really want to invest your time in. Your transitional gym can be just an empty room with mat for yoga but for weight training you need to set up weight training equipment.

Transitional Gym Equipment Design

transitional gym equipment design

Transitional Home Gym Design

transitional home gym design

In today’s busy life it has become difficult to take out time to go out for a walk in the park or a refreshing jog on the beach. Gyms are a perfect solution for people who value good heath but have limited time. Working out is not only important for good health but it also rejuvenates you and relaxes your mind. So if you cannot go to the gym create one within your personal space. Design it as per your liking and stay fit always.

Staying fit is important to make sure you live a long and healthy life. So next time you feel lazy to walk up to your gym just plan to design one at your home. The designs above are sure to inspire you to get started with your own gym.

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