Beautiful nails are something that every woman craves for as they add a touch of sophistication to their looks. Getting beautiful nails and maintaining the quality of the nails do not go hand in hand because if you need beautiful nails, you have to compromise on quality.

But, this is not the case after the entry of the concept of solar nail designs. With this amazing concept, you can enjoy gorgeous nails without having to compromise on its quality. Solar nails are somewhat similar to acrylic nail designs and in fact, better than them because they are more durable. Some amazing solar nail designs are highlighted below.

Pink and White Solar Nails

pink and white solar nails


At the top spot are the pink and white solar nails. These nails are commonly known as ‘pink and white’ as they look similar to a pink and white French manicure. This particular nail design is for those who wish to keep their nails protected and make it look classy at the same time.

Solar Gel Nail Art Idea

solar gel nail art idea


At the second spot is the solar gel nail art. In this process, a sticky gel is applied to the nail and the process is completed by getting the nail with the gel cured under a light. These are known as solar gel nails.

Black and White Solar Nails

black and white solar nails


Coming up next is the black and white solar nails. The speciality of this design is that it is extremely simple and stylish at the same time. The tip of these nails is black and white in colour.

Solar Acrylic Nails

solar acrylic nails


Solar acrylic nails come at the fifth spot. These solar nails are such that they have a touch of acrylic on them. In this particular picture, the nails have a small acrylic design of leaves on them.

Solar Nail Tip Design

solar nail tip design


Next up is the solar nail tip design. Once you get solar nails, you can just say bye to yellow nails. Even the colour of tip stays intact. Solar nails can be refilled whenever it is required.

Rhinestone Solar Nail Art

solar nail art with rhinestones


Rhinestones are a hot favourite among women when it comes to nail art as they enhance the beauty of the nails. These stones look best when applied to the base color. They make your nails look stylish and elegant.

Solar French Tip Nails

solar french tip nails


At the next spot are the solar French tip nails. French manicure has become a very important term in the world of fashion and women are increasingly visiting salons to get amazing French tips.

Solar Nail Design for Short Nails

solar nail design for short nails


Women with short nails do not have to worry about making their nails presentable because this particular solar nail design is particularly for those who have short nails. This design helps in drawing attention away from the fact that you have short nails and also adds a touch of glamour to it. You may also see Silver Nail Designs

Ombre Nail Art Design

ombre nail art design


Trendy Solar Nail Art

trendy solar nail art


Striped Solar Nails Idea

striped solar nails idea


Solar Shellac Nails Design

solar shellac nails design


Pink Color Stiletto Nails

pink color stiletto nails


Diamond Nail Art Idea

diamond nail art idea


Colorful Solar Glitter Nails

colorful solar glitter nails


Peach Color Solar Nails

peach color solar nails


Red and Silver Glitter Solar Nails

red and silver glitter solar nails


The popularity of solar nail designs has reached heights due to the ease with which it can be applied, because of its durability and also due to its amazing looks. Solar nails are one of the most protective ways of flaunting beautiful nails. Some other solar nail designs which are extremely popular are the red nail art and dark blue nail designs. The color red has a universal appeal and is loved by most women and same is the case with navy blue.

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