Owning a home is a challenge to many people, and it is actually worse than others who struggle just to even find a place to stay in. Most people would resort to continue living with their parents even if they already have a family of their own. This can have a negative impact on them since they are deprived of their own space and privacy. So to help them out, June has been proclaimed as the National Homeownership Month to give assistance to those hardworking individuals to find their own home.

Homeowners are given the benefits they need to build their own foundation of safety and security for their families.What better way to enjoy those benefits than to make improvements to make your home even more conducive for living? Here, we have a collection of brochure templates that interior designers can use to promote and advertise their career and skills to the public.


Modern Minimal Interior Design Brochure

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For a brochure design that’s both clean and modern, this is a very good option. For each sheet, the entire page is never fully occupied. There is always a balance between the size of the image and the amount of text placed on it.

If a large image takes two pages, then the text is kept to a minimum. On the other hand, if there is a lot to discuss on a single page, then the image is minimized. This is to create a lot of white space to keep the design from becoming cluttered, losing its sense of appeal.


Square Interior Design Brochure Template

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Layered Interior Design Brochure in PSD

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If you prefer a very organized advertising brochure design, then this is the best one for you. Why? Because the images on each page are arranged very well that there is uniformity in its size and the distance between images.

While other pages may have a different style, such as those that have rounded thumbnail and those that only have one image per sheet, the uniformity in the arrangement is still present to give it a tidy look.


Clean Modern Interior Design Brochure

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Elegant Layered Interior Design Brochure

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Advantages of Using Brochures to Promote Businesses or Products

  • Producing creative brochures is inexpensive. and downloading them from our site means you will have high quality templates for a very reasonable price. It is even advised to have your brochures printed or produced in large quantities to save more time and money than having to produce it individually or in small numbers.
  • Brochures are very versatile marketing tools compared to flyers and posters. With brochures, you may choose whether to have them distributed directly to the public, to have them sent through mail, placed inside pages of a newspaper, or clipped on to vehicles’ windshield wipers. The possibilities of their methods of distribution are endless.
  • Brochures also have an adaptable design, since you have the option of choosing from bifold to trifold brochures. You also have the option of what size and orientation of the brochure you want to go with, with the most common being the A4 size and in a portrait/vertical orientation.

Trifold Interior Design Brochure in PSD

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Comprehensive Square Interior Design Brochure

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Choose the printable brochure above for a design that’s comprehensive enough to provide readers with what they need to know about your business. This square-shaped brochure is filled with all relevant information and details to convince a reader to hire you to do the interior designing of their home. The images and text on each page is arranged well to make it easier for prospects to read.


Layered Minimal Interior Design Brochure in PSD

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Gate Fold Interior Design Brochure

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For a less-complicated brochure design that does not need more than three pages to describe what you are capable of doing, download this one. This trifold brochure keeps all images on the exterior pages and leaves the inner sections for all the written information and details.

Maximize these three pages to provide your potential clients with the most impressive and convincing features that you can describe while explaining how they can benefit from your services. This brochure design is also ideal for those businesses that just started and do not have much to show on their brochure.


Thick Bordered Interior Design Brochure in PSD

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Multipurpose Interior Design Brochure in PSD

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Take a look at the simple yet artistic brochure cover design above. It makes use of only a small area for each page and leaves the rest of the area black for more white space. This brochure design is in the usual vertical orientation and the images on each page have an artistic feature added to it,  specifically green lines that extend to the white space. Download this design if you want a brochure design that is catchy but also easy on the eyes.


Modern and Elegant Interior Product Brochure

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Vector Trifold Interior Design Brochure Mockup


Awesome Tips to Become A Successful Interior Designer

  • Learn to communicate well. This should happen from promoting your business to the moment that you are already working on a project. Communication is very important during the promotion phase since you need to anticipate what the prospects expect from you and how you can address these expectations. While already working on a project, you also need to communicate with your client to know exactly what they want you to do. If you require clarifications, it is important to address those as well.
  • Be up-to-date with the trends and the different styles by constantly reading interior design books, magazines, or articles. You may also do this by investing money to attend exhibitions and displays, including those in other countries. To be one step ahead of your competitors, you may also look at what they are doing and how they do it, and think of ways on how you may be able to do it that is better than theirs.
  • Learn to budget your client’s money. This is very self-explanatory. Of course, no client wants to overspend on something, especially when they have already spent a lot yet you require some additional payment because you went overboard with the spending. As much as possible, stick to the budget, and it would even be better to go below the budget and return the excess money to the client.

Trifold Interior Design Vector Brochure


Catalogue Interior Brochure Template


Download the marketing brochure template above if you prefer a straightforward design that places emphasis on the more important details of the brochure. These relevant details include the images of actual projects in the past, and a description explaining the features of the arrangement and design.

Another detail that a reader should find out is the benefits that they may receive if they choose to have you arrange their home.

All homes can be houses, but not all houses can be homes. A house can only be called a home when you feel secure and comfortable living in it. You can not call it a home if the people living in it are not speaking to each other because of issues, and one factor that can lead or aggravate this is the arrangement within the house. A disorganized or messy house may have an effect on the mood of its occupants; a well-arranged home may promote peace and calmness to the people living in it.

If people are unable to set aside time to arrange or rearrange the features in their house, they should always call the assistance of interior designers and landscapers and take advantage of their services.

As an interior designer, you should effectively promote your business to the public by explaining to them the benefits of having an organized house worthy enough to be called a home, and you can make use of service brochures to do this explanation.

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