If every new season brings an increased urge to make some modifications to your space, then the interior design magazines are definitely the prime source to gain information. The magazines provide the readers with the latest home decor trends and also tell them about the current trending architects, designers and decorators. We have today compiled a list of top 9 interior design magazines that you should follow to get in touch with new trends or just gain inspiration for new projects.

9. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is one of the few design-oriented magazines that has set an agenda by covering the most important and noteworthy features and segments in design. Right from fashion to travel and interiors to architecture, Wallpaper ensures its readers an enjoyable ride.

8. Real Simple

With a close reference to its very name, the Real Simple magazine deals with the idea of simplifying your life. Right from tips on home decor to cooking and other aspects of family life, Real Simple is an informative design magazine.

7. Dwell

Dwell magazine has been noted as a judicious amalgamation of sustainable design, architecture and interior design. An easy to read magazine, Dwell efficiently guides the readers through the world of interior design.

6. House Beautiful

House beautiful is one of the most well-sorted magazines for interior design and gardening tips. Whether you are downsizing or upsizing your home, this magazine has just the right style advice and guide for you.

5. Elle Decor

Elle Decor magazine provides its readers with innovative and fresh concepts both in the field of interior design and architecture. The magazine comes with a solo mission to make the lives and homes of their readers beautiful.

4. Better Homes and Gardens

The action-oriented magazine covers and deals with problems and challenges involved with home improvement and gardening. With detailed tips on interior decorating and healthy cooking, the magazine covers the best of the best.

3. Martha Stewart Living

Martha Stewart Living is the perfect magazine for those who are looking for some serious inspiration to improve the look of their homes, garden and cooking skills. The magazine features new recipes, articles, and DIY projects that hold the same authenticity as Martha Stewart.

2. Interior Design

The interior design magazine offers the best resources for interior designers, architects and enthusiasts. Along with the best feature and design industry news, the magazine also offers its readers new and innovative projects that have gone through in-depth research.

1. Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest is one magazine that is pretty much treated as the leading design publication. The magazine presents the best works in the field of architecture and design. Apart from these two central subjects, it also explores the area and themes like culture, travel and shopping.

If you consider yourself enthusiastic about transforming your place for the better, these magazines are most certainly the inspiring source of information to subscribe to.

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