In this day and age when laptops and mobile phones are the way through which most people get most of their news, there are some individuals who prefer to flip through their favorite magazines. Having magazines will also make it easier for you to reread your favorite article when it is no longer accessible online. To keep all your favorite magazines in a strategic place, you need a magazine rack. The following are different rack designs. You may also See Wine Rack Designs

Wall Magazine Rack Designs

If you lack space yet need to keep all your favorite magazines in one place, then opt for wall magazine rack designs. They suit both homes as well as office environments and ensure a smoothly functioning and well-organized room.

wall magazine rack designs

Borden Interiors & Associates

Wood Magazine Rack Designs

Wood magazines rack designs are perfect for homes with a country theme. Those racks made of hardwood such as Oak are exceptionally durable and give a place an outdoor vibe. Even though popular, the different wood stains ensure they always match with any wood furniture.

wood magazine rack designs

John K. Anderson Design

Hanging Magazine Racks

Hanging magazine racks make it easier for you to strategically place them in a place that children cannot reach. You can also use these designs to hold a lot of literature in a space convenient to your liking. Most people also go for these designs when space is an issue.

hanging magazine racks

Kristie Barnett, The Decorologist

Modern Magazine Racks

Modern magazine racks are designed to keep your space clutter free. They come in a color that will match your interior décor without taking too much space. With these racks, you will not only store you reading materials but also add a stunning visual appeal.

modern magazine racks

Holly Marder

Vintage Magazine Rack Ideas

If you have a vintage décor or accessories, then a vintage magazine rack will fit right in. You can choose from mid-century racks; art deco racks to those made of metal, glass or wood. Depending on which era you want, these frames will help relive the legacy of past times.

vintage magazine rack ideas

Nicolaj Bo™

Wire Magazine Racks

Just as the name suggests, wire magazine racks are made using wires which are designed in a way that form pockets. The wire material makes them lightweight hence are flexible to move from one room to another. The racks are also easy to install.

wire magazine racks

Harrell Remodeling, Inc.

DIY Magazine Racks

DIY magazines racks are custom made to fit an individual’s taste and preference. They come in different sizes to suit every person’s space needs. These frames often use recycled available materials to create practical and easy to spot designs.

diy magazine racks

Kristie Barnett

Contemporary Magazine Racks

Contemporary magazine racks tend to emphasize clear lines and form without forgetting functionality. They feature a design where less is more and have simple racks from the 1950s to 1970s. They will easily complement furniture in a subtle pattern or solid colors.

contemporary magazine racks

Meritage Homes

Rustic Magazine Rack Designs

Rustic magazine rack designs are mostly made of wood, glass or metal. They work to emphasize nature while keeping the room neat. You can get these racks in a size that stores a few magazines to a large design that can even encompass books. You may also See Bathroom Shelf Designs

rustic magazine rack designs

Bud Dietrich, AIA

Bathroom Magazine Racks

Bathroom magazine racks are made using a material that is water resistant and contributes to enhancing the visual appeal of the bathroom. They function to keep the floor clear making it easier to move and access other bathroom amenities.

bathroom magazine racks

Emily McCall

Office Magazine Racks

With office magazine racks, you will give your clients easy to access entertainment. These shelves are ideal for storing newspapers, magazines, brochures and even pamphlets. They have various finishes so you can choose one that is consistent with your office hardware.

office magazine racks

A. Peltier Interiors

Kids Magazine Racks

Whether placed in a child’s room, play area or daycare, magazine racks will keep the space open and clean. It can also work to entice kids to look at the reading materials especially when you include various fun storybooks.

kids magazine racks

Fusion D

Metal Magazine Racks

Metal magazine racks are popular in libraries, schools, and rental stores. The metals are curved in such a way that they form pockets or shelves. They are perfect for displaying books, DVDs for rentals, magazines, books, journals or any literature. You may also See Repurposed Furniture Designs

metal magazine racks

Susan Jay Design

Corner Magazine Rack Designs

Corner magazine rack designs add to a room’s décor while keeping the room’s environment safe. You can use these racks to store unique wedding invitations and birthday cards while camouflaging a sharp wall corner.

corner magazine rack designs

Kropat Interior Design

Apart from keeping safe all your magazines, a magazine rack can act as a decorative tool. It can easily transform your room and make it classy, organized as well as litter free. Whether for newspapers, books or fashion magazines, with many racks designs available you can choose one that complements your room’s décor.

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