Alexander McQueen is a fashion designer known for his eccentric and unique designs. He is famous for his black bridal gown collection, as well as for his Alien Versus Predator footwear designs.

Black Leather McQueen Shoe Design

black leather mcqueen shoe design


Red Calf Leather McQueen Shoe Design

red calf leather mcqueen shoe design


Lace Up McQueen Shoe Design

lace up mcqueen shoe design


A pair McQueen shoes is all about extra-ordinary and luxurious style and it is one that is definitely unlike any other. If it is quirky creativity, elegant styling and individuality that you are looking for, then you should check out some of the most popular McQueen shoe collections. You may also see High Heel Shoe Designs

High Top Lace Up McQueen Shoe Idea

high top lace up mcqueen shoe idea


Slip On McQueen Shoe Design

slip on mcqueen shoe design


Skater Slip On McQueen Shoe Design

skater slip on mcqueen shoe design


From Alexander McQueen’s 2010 Spring Collection comes the Sea Creature footwear. This shoe design features ultra-high heels and towering platform, with accents that can be likened to bejeweled ant-eaters.

Brown Leather McQueen Shoe Design

brown leather mcqueen shoe design


Glossy McQueen Shoe Design

glossy mcqueen shoe design


Lasercut McQueen Loafer Design

lasercut mcqueen loafer design


The following year, McQueen once again captured the world with his Fluttering Spring Shoes, featuring stunning and breathtaking designs. Among the favorites from this line include the Fur-sational Shoes and the Butterfly Death-Defying Heels. You may also see Fur Shoe Designs

Velvet Pattern McQueen Shoe Idea

velvet pattern mcqueen shoe idea


Studded Buckle Monk Shoe Design

studded buckle monk shoe design


The Spinal Stilettos were a part of McQueen’s 2010 Fall collection and they feature heels that look like skeletal backbones and over-sized platform foot design.

Calf Skin Leather McQueen Shoe Design

calf skin leather mcqueen shoe design


Floral Embroidered McQueen Shoe Design

floral embroidered mcqueen shoe design


Floral Print McQueen Shoe Design

floral print mcqueen shoe design


Ankle Strap McQueen Shoe Design

ankle strap mcqueen shoe design


Studded Buckle Monk Strap McQueen Shoe

studded buckle monk strap mcqueen shoe


Multicolor Slip On McQueen Shoe

multicolor slip on mcqueen shoe


Black and White McQueen Shoe Design

black and white mcqueen shoe design1


Unique Studded McQueen Shoe Design

unique studded mcqueen shoe design


Cool White McQueen Shoe Design

cool white mcqueen shoe design


Another popular McQueen designs are the Killer Heels, like the black Geisha-inspired footwear featuring dual heels and high-risk support – a footwear not designed for the faint of heart.

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