High heel shoes have remained significant footwear among women for some time. Most women prefer donning themselves with high heels to other types of footwear. There is a whole range of high heeled shoes in both colour and design. Some are informal wear while others are ideal for some exclusive or even formal events. However, it all depends on what occasion you find the high heel shoes best suited for. You may also see Mid Heel Shoe Designs

African Print High Heel Shoes

Casual High Heel Shoes Design

Vintage High Heel Shoes Idea

Pumps come with heel lengths ranging from low to high. Some high heel shoes have closed toes designs; some have peep-toe design while others come in open-toe styles. Peep toe designs, as the name suggests, have a small cut-out at the tip of the shoe giving an impression of some toes out of the shoe. You may also see Ankle Strap Heel Designs

High Heel Pump Shoes Design

Flamboyant Camo High Heel Shoes

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High Heel Knee Boots Design


Open toe high heel shoes have the whole tip of the shoe cut out exposing the toes out of the shoe. Open toe and peep toe high heels can be donned with virtually any outfit hence making these kinds of shoes highly versatile. This flexibility is a great plus for these types of shoes. They can be worn with business outfits, jeans, pants, skirts, etc. Definitely, all of us would like to have such an array of donning options! You may also see Nike High Heel Designs

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